10 Minutes to Start Your Day Right! – 2021 MORNING MOTIVATION | Best Motivational Speech

10 Minutes to Start Your Day Right! – 2021 MORNING MOTIVATION | Best Motivational Speech

Jim Rohn
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Les Brown
Brendon Burchard
Orah Winfrey
Dan Lok
Tyrese Gibson
Robin Sharma

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Heeding a Mentor’s Advice is the Shortest Cut to Success – But Most People Won’t!

A mentor knows — or should know — one or two things more than you, the mentoree. That’s why they are called mentors. They are masters in the field where they have expertise. They didn’t just become masters. They paid their dues. They invested quality time learning what they became experts on.

LOA and Finances – How to Change Your Thinking to Attract More Money Into Your Life?

Law of Attraction and financial abundance: what is the critical step to attracting more money and prosperity? There IS a solution to the issue of “attraction of unwanted results”. BUT: the solution does not lie in STOPPING to think negatively. You don’t have to do that. That could already be major relief for some people!

Busting Loose and Manifesting a New Earth and a New Way of Being Joyful & Prosperous

What the collective consciousness is pouring out right now…it’s not about the numbers! If billions wasn’t enough for the experts, maybe there’s something more to this game…? Maybe it’s time to learn the new rules for creating prosperity and abundance. If hard work alone was enough a lot more of us would have all we need! So what is it going to take to create prosperity now?

Money’s Happiness

Money may not buy happiness, but it can ease stress. Arguments often start over assets, but having wealth does not necessarily prevent arguments. Most would not list riches in the top two important things in their lives. Yet, a good bank account helps take care of what is important in life. If cash is the root of evil, why are many people who are genuinely good also well off? Financial security can be a route away from evil for many.

Law of Attraction and Abundance – Gaining a New Foothold on Financial Matters

The fact is that we create our own reality. It is possible to get anything you want if you apply yourself properly. Often times people let their mental blocks inhibit their ability to get the things they want from life. The law of attraction and abundance is designed to overcome these mental flaws that everyone has. It is a teaching which strives to change the lives of everyone for the better through positive thinking and an attitude focused on achieving, rather than regretting.

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