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In this video, I wanna prove to you, in however long you see this video is, I want to prove to you that you are worthy. And not just prove it to you, but show you where it stemmed from when you started to believe that you weren’t worthy, and using an analogy that will change your life, and the way that you view this. Now, this thing right here, this little light bulb, let me show you something about it. Think of the belief where you may say to yourself, “I’m not worthy.” The way that our reality works is that everything in our life has no built-in meaning, than the meaning we give it. Now, another word for meaning is belief, or story. Now what happens is this, now this little thing right here, imagine that you are the source of light. Even as I go right over here right now, you see these light bulbs right there, and it’s the same thing as this. Now, imagine that what happens is this is a belief. Now say the belief is I have ADHD, and I’m not worthy. Say the belief is from some childhood experience, there was something that happened, and you said, “There’s something wrong with me. Someone abandoned me.” What happens is then that light bulb begins to shine.

And then what happens is that belief is activated within us. Now, the thing to remember
is that we are the source. We are choosing where we put meaning. Now let’s say one of these bulbs says that we’re worthy. Let’s say one of these bulbs says, “I was neglected when I was young, and I rejected.” And then what we did is we tried to do everything we could to not get rejected again. Happens a lot with abandonment wounds. Somebody abandons us, and then what happens, even if it’s an emotional abandonment, what happens is we end up then trying to modify ourselves so that we can be loved. So we’re going with this underlying belief that I’m not worthy, I’m not enough. Now what happens is the key to this is actually, ’cause you are source energy, you are light, that’s what you naturally are. The key is just to unplug that, of the bulb, that says, “I’m not worthy, and I’m not enough.” You know, I used to work in, I used to do something called forensics debate back in high school. And what I would do is this, it was, you would either debate for a certain topic, or you’d be a critique against a certain topic. You didn’t get to pick what side you were on. So for example, one of the topics that I had to debate when I was in it, and you go to these competitions, was like juveniles charged with violent crimes should be charged and punished as adults. That was the resolution. Now, if you were pro, you had to show why that is true. If you were negative, you’d have to critique why that is not true.

Well, the job of the negative is to just show that the positive is not true. It’s not to like necessarily uphold a new perspective. In the same way with this video, the goal that I have is to prove to you that you are worthy by showing you, and breaking down the belief that you’re not worthy. And to do that, there is another analogy, or another way of explaining this, that I find extremely powerful. And that is understanding that metaphor that I was using, of this right here, of just unplugging, literally unscrewing the bulb that says, “There’s something wrong with me.” Now to do this, there’s a simple four-step process you can use. It comes from Byron Katie, it’s called The Work. And it’s four simple questions that begin to, one, dismantle the limiting belief that says you’re not worthy, but two, what it does, is it gets you to see who you would be without it. You stop identifying with the bulb. You see what happens in the past, we had these bulbs that were screwed in either by other people, or maybe we screwed it in a little bit too, based on meaning. But what happens is then it stays there. And then what we’re trying to do is we’re trying to become better. I wanna say I am worthy, but what we do is we start plugging in these different bulbs without first off taking out the bulbs that say we’re not worthy.

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