3 “weird” Secrets to Vibrationally TUNE to the Reality You Want

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Think of the universe as sort of like a radio station, maybe a radio and that if you want to experience a different reality then what you must do is change the radio station you’re on. Now, here’s an interesting thing using that metaphor, all the radio stations, they already exist, all that a radio tuner does, this actually a soundbar by the way but I’ve used it as an analogy, is all that happens is it picks up on different frequencies and when you tune it to the frequency that you want of the radio station you want that’s then the experience that you have while in the same way, there are different hacks. Some of them sort of weird that I’ve used to attract my dream life and I wanna share them with you. And some of it has to do with some deep metaphysical concepts about how reality works. Some of it’s very simple, but I think that there’s something in this video that’s gonna show you. It’s really gonna click into place for you. It’s gonna help you to dial to the radio station that you want. So, that’s exactly what we’re gonna learn in this episode let’s get to this video right now.

So the first thing I want to share with you is why you are on the current radio station you might be at. And this is the interesting thing about the ego. Now, the ego in a way is our avatar in this reality. And what happens is at a greater level we are eternal spiritual beings living temporary human experiences. Now what happens is we have this thing that is our avatar, that is our ego. And here’s the interesting thing about the ego. The only job of the ego is to remain consistent to the way that it sees itself and to survive. The ego does not wanna thrive. So the reason you are at maybe 92.6 FM, which is a reality where maybe you’re working a nine to five job you don’t like the only reason you’re there is because it’s been comfortable and because your thoughts, your feelings and your emotions and your actions have all been equal to that box. In a way, think about it like this. Let’s say that this bowl right here represents the ego structure. What helps us to feel safe and what we do is we remain in this little ego structure even though it’s a small bowl. And the reason we’re in it is because of the safety that it provides and it is the known, this is what we know.

Now, if you were to put this bowl in this bowl what you would then see is that you have the smaller bowl. Now this is all the unknown. Now, the reason you haven’t ventured off into the unknown is because this has felt safe. Now, one of the things though is being aware that that’s a box and that that’s a limiting box. And one of the ways and keys to this whole video is understanding that you must let go of being on the radio station of 92.4 or whatever station that is. You must be willing to let that go to then shift to a different frequency. For me, this was, I used to work at nine to five jobs on women’s shoes. I used to honestly, I was very comfortable with it. I was making like 50, 60K a year and thinking about going full-time on YouTube was kind of scary, but it had to come a point where I had to start to see myself different. I had to be willing to let go of the comfort that came with a nine to five job that brought me success and, or at least like, getting by for so long for literally like eight years, and I had to be willing to let that go.

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