5 Negative Beliefs I Had to LET GO of to LET IN Money and Abundance like never before!

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00:00 Intro
02:33 Your beliefs create your reality
05:37 Letting go of old beliefs
08:04 Spirituality & Money
12:20 Money is not the only form of abundance
15:38 Money is hard to make
17:04 Focus on adding value into the universe
18:55 You get in life what you believe you deserve
23:10 Become aware of your identity

To let in more money, there is some form of negative belief or story that you have about money that you have to let go of. So you have to let go to then let in.

Until I let go of these five negative beliefs that I’m going to share with you in this video, I remained in a scarcity frequency. I also remained in a powerless state where I was working a nine to five job that I hated, but I did it because it made money but at the same time, I can see now looking back that if I would have changed these five negatives beliefs and let them go, I would have let in me living my dream life, me living in more abundance to where I can travel the world, do what I want, when I want to do it, in a way that I couldn’t even imagine.

All I had to do is let go of these five beliefs. I’m going to share with you in this video, how to let these five beliefs go, what life is like when you do it, and step-by-step how you can do that for you.

Now I wanted to make this video because I recently made a video that was on the habits that I use to become a millionaire. I was a little bit hesitant to put out that video to be honest with you only because it kind of looks egotistical. It implies, I am this and to be honest as well, just making so many videos on YouTube, I know that the intention is to relate with everybody listening to this, and if I’m making videos about, I’m a millionaire, then what that does is I dunno, I guess I feel like I don’t want to separate myself from other people and be not so relatable, but also I want to show you guys how you guys can do it too.

Because for me to become that, and honestly some people are kind of surprised sometimes if they hear that I am a millionaire, just because they still don’t understand how YouTube works.

They’re like, so you make YouTube videos? Like how do you make your money? Do you just get paid on AdSense? Is it just Adsense on stuff like that? It’s much more than that, but for me to become a millionaire, it took me about a year, year and a half.

You know, it’s funny, not funny, just, I don’t know why we say that, but when I was like 19 to 20 to maybe 22, I always knew that by 30 years old, I would be a millionaire.

I just always knew that, and at 28 years old, I had no fricking idea I was going to do that. I was getting paid $60,000 a year ish, it was a commission job selling women’s shoes and there was no end sight that was near that I was going to be a millionaire.

But then what happened is I changed these five beliefs that I’m telling you and I started to really be this new version of myself and very quickly, my life changed.

Now I think that the moment I became a millionaire, now being a millionaire, it’s just kind of a status symbol. You know, I don’t put that in my Instagram bio or anything like that, but it’s something that, you also, when you become a millionaire, it’s kind of like, wait, I guess I am, type thing. It’s like, I guess I do have $500,000 in stocks. I do, I guess I do have a hundred thousand dollars Tesla that’s paid off, I guess I do have this, this, this, that adds up to over a million dollars in assets.

Or you know, realizing you have investments and stuff that add up to it. But it’s not like there’s something, it’s like, you know, it was the same thing when I got a hundred thousand on YouTube. It was like, I woke up one day and I had a hundred thousand, the night before it was like 97,000, grew by 3000 overnight because I have a video that was on letting go
of something to raise your vibration instantly.

It went mega viral and all of a sudden I woke up at a hundred thousand and that was a goal for a long time and I was like, oh my God, this is amazing. Went to the gym that day, everything was the same.

It wasn’t like the YouTube Gods descended from the sky and gave me this amazing YouTube plaque and I was like, thank you, finally, I got it, I’m finally worthy, yes, and from there, everything was amazing.

It wasn’t like that. Funny thing is, then once you get to a hundred K you’re like, what about
250k, what about 500k? What about a million?

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