5 Ways to Activate UNSTOPPABLE Courage and Unleash a More Magnetic YOU

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00:00 Intro

10:52 You just have to start
12:00 The universe rewards you for following your passion
14:00 How the unknown will help you
16:39 You can do it
20:00 The courage to say no
24:26 Expand your sense of self

So I heard this genius quote the other day. It was from some Marvel movie that I watched, and sometimes in certain movies, there’ll be little tidbits of information. It said that if you aim at nothing, you will get nothing.

And it made me think, because there’s a lot of times where I can see directly in my life that I went from a nine to five job to being a full-time YouTuber, that I went from being an average mediocre salesperson at my last job, to being someone that as making more money and more consistently a top salesperson.

There are different shifts that happened where it completely changed where I was at, and a lot of it had to do with the vision that I had, where I was.

In the movie, this Marvel movie, it was some master archer was saying that to one of the characters in the movie, who was learning how to do archery or bow and arrow stuff.

And I remember thinking about that, and thinking about how not only is important to have an aim, and have a target. It is also important to have the courage to pick up the bow to begin with, and to bend it back, and then to (buzzes lips) release it.

You have to have the courage to do that. And there are certain things that in my life, I can see that one, I had a vision, but on the second side of it, there are certain things that activated a level of courage inside of myself that changed everything.

And in this video, I wanna share with you those five different ways that you can activate
courage inside of you, plus, show you an activation that I did, a meditation activation that I did.

I think this one of the most powerful ones I’ve ever done. And it was because I myself was coming out of my own expansive experience when I did it. So just recently, actually, and you’ve probably heard in the videos a lot.

We talked about this, so I know it sounds kind of like a broken record, but I feel like for the longest time I’ve been on YouTube, I’ve been on YouTube for like three years making videos, and even though this is how I’ve created my business, this is how I’ve created my brand.

This is how I’ve created freedom in my life. At the same time, I realized that I’ve kind of plateaued in a way. I’ll still be making YouTube videos, but I need to change either the format
or the way that I do them, because just talking at the camera like I’ve been doing is getting a little bit redundant. I can only say the same something so many different ways over 2000 videos, you know?

So sometimes the videos may sound repetitive. Well, that’s why I’ve been making such consistent content. But on the other side of this, I know, and can feel inside my heart, I am meant to be doing more live events at this point.

I’ve had the training wheels on for long enough. And in a way, I think YouTube was a form
of training wheels for me. It got me used to being in front of people. The talking, I’ve been doing a lot of virtual live events.

I did this 21-day Magnetic Love Challenge two months ago. For 21 days in a row,
I went live every single day for at least an hour. If you were in it, you know it was a lot of, it was a lot. It was a lot of energy, a lot of transformation. It was so cool to see, but I got used to going.

That was another reason I was doing that, was to wire in my own identity that I go live,
now, not just virtual live though. The intention is to go live in person. And I have been procrastinating for so damn long. I mean, you’ve probably heard me talk about this
for like six months to a year if you’ve been watching my content consistently.

I’ve been talking about this for probably two years. Why have I been stagnating with it? Because there’s some level of blockage or fear. I’ve been lacking the courage to step into this new space in my life. And the universe has given me signs that I could step into it. But for some reason, it’s been something that I haven’t actually made the plunge into.

And I’m like, why not? But I can tell there’s like a block though.

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