Achieve Ultimate Peace & Bliss During Tough Times | One Breath that Will Save Your Life!

My Master taught me one Breathe that got rid of my stress, my anxiety my depression and allowed me to pivot and change my life. If you are going through tough times, challenges or dealing with negativity this will help you overcome any of it, raise your vibrations and shift into positivity instantly.
Sending love and prayers for all,
Sri Akarshana

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Watch Your Language! Or Thoughts Become Things

When your mother told you to “watch your language,” she probably didn’t realize how important that direction really was. Her emphasis was on your being polite and courteous. But language is incredibly powerful and what you say, quickly becomes what you are, have and experience. Thoughts become things. You’ve no doubt heard that phrase before. Take it to heart.

How Do I Change My Thinking From Scarcity to Abundance?

There are several things you can do. The first thing I recommend is that you start a daily Grati-Tude practice. This simply means taking 5-10 minutes every day to take note of what you can be grateful for. It doesn’t matter how big or small – just becoming consciously aware of what you already have in your life that is good and abundant will start to change your thinking from scarcity to abundance.

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