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Listen to these abundance affirmations every night/day to start to manifest abundance into your life via the law of attraction and subconscious mind reprogramming. EXPAND FOR MORE INFO!
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You Need to Increase Your Value

How much are you paid today is the direct reflection of the perceived value you bring to the marketplace. So, if you are not making a lot of money right now, there is only two possibilities.

You Can Do Anything in Small Chunks

Never try to take on the whole load at one time. An elephant can be eaten one bite at a time but not all at once. Same goes for the challenges you might face in the business arena or life itself. Worry won’t help but taking action is the place to begin.

Manifest Money: 3 Simple Tips to Manifest More Money in Your Life

Never mind that you don’t have a stable job right now. Never mind that there is an economic crisis. You have the ability to manifest money if you would only allow yourself to achieve it. If you want to know how to harness that power, read on!

What it Means to Be Rich

Being rich has nothing to do with the state of our bank account. Being rich has everything to do with the feeling that, no matter what, we can always get the things that we need or want.

Overcome Any Setback, Struggle Or Loss – Increase the Power of Your Faith and Focus!

Are you currently experiencing a job loss, financial difficulties, or some other type of struggle or setback right now? Does it feel like you’re working so hard to try to improve your life and situation but nothing seems to be getting any better? Although there have been new signs of optimism in the U.S. economy and market, the truth is for many people, the struggle continues with more and more people losing jobs, homes and their financial security. When you’re in this place, prosperity and success, your dreams and goals feel like a long far off place.

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