Attachment is Blocking Love (if you let go it would come)

Attachment and desire to a person, belief or outcome is actually what is stopping it from appearing in your life. When you release attachment and desire, you are creating less resistance and more room for that which you want to come to you effortlessly.

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The Buddha notoriously said that attachment is the root to suffering. That is why when we attach to anything or anyone, we are putting ourselves in a position to suffer. Attachment to an external person, thing or belief is what causes us to think something that is not you, part of you. You see, nothing external to you determines your worth and attaching to something external creates the illusion that you need something or someone other than yourself to be worthy, validated, loved or valuable.

The key is to realize that you are already worthy, whole and complete just for being authentically yourself. Nothing external like a partner, job, money or success can determine or effect your worthiness because worthiness comes from within. When trying to manifest love into your life, you might find resistance or blocks because you could be attached to your past or certain beliefs. Attachment to limiting beliefs and possibly an ex or idea about love blocks love and makes it feel harder to easily bring into your life. If you let go of those attachments and stories, you instantly create less friction between you and that of which you are trying to manifest.

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