ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING – Best Motivational Speech 2021

ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING – Best Motivational Speech 2021

Joel Osteen
team fearless
Eric Thomas
Greg Plitt
Les Brown
Td Jakes
Tom Bilyeu
Les Brown

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Manifest Your Desires Easily and Quickly – Discover the Tool Used For Centuries

As you know, focus is the key when you are trying to manifest your desires. The more focused you are on your ideal outcome, the more details you see when visualizing it, the quicker it will manifest in your life. There is a great tool that helps you to keep your focus on your end result and also helps you with visualizing every little detail of your dreams. You’ve probably heard of it. It is a Vision Board. If you know what a Vision Board is, great. Do you have it already?

The Three Step Process to Manifest Your Desires – Are You Truly Open to Receive?

There is a three-step process of making your dreams come true–the one explained in The Secret. Ask, Answer, and Receive. First, you have to ask. How do you ask? You ask by visualizing your dreams, staying focused on them, and giving them your attention and faith. Answer is the second step. The Universe starts answering by sending you serendipities, events, and people that will either show you that your dream is on its way or bring you what you want. The last step is to receive. That is where most people are having problems.

Do This And Get Your Prayers Answered Every Time

There are Two Phases of Prayer: The asking Phase and the Allowing Phase. The reason why most prayers don’t seem to get answered most people don’t know how to switch to phase Two.

The Secret to Getting What You Want – Intention and Focus

What about you? Would you like 2010 to be the very best year of your life so far and would you like some help in setting your intention and clearing your focus?

Money Vs Abundance and Prosperity

Why not learn what abundance and prosperity really are? And with today’s economic climate, this realization may be particularly useful.

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