Boundaries make you Magnetic AF (How to Set “Inner”getic Boundaries)

Boundaries reflect self worth and when you set them you are claiming your sense of self worth and that makes you magnetic AF. Watch The Frame Technique Video here: ➡️

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00:00 Intro
02:44 Becoming aware of your frame
03:34 Weak frame vs. Strong frame
06:28 Being in your own frame
08:44 Don’t be afraid about tension
09:08 Tension is AUTHENTIC.
10:01 The importance of your values
12:15 Bring the energy back in
13:04 Being “nice” vs. being “needy”
14:46 Are you setting your own boundaries?

Energetic boundaries. Imagine that there’s these boundaries around you, where if people cross them, there is then something that comes up within you where you say, no.

When you say no to people crossing your energetic boundaries, you are saying yes to yourself. And boundaries are actually internal. This is something that my shadow work integration coach has taught me. It’s like, well, do I need to always go into, have someone else asking me to do something maybe I don’t wanna do.

And I always have to establish my frame and be like, no, this is not okay. And he said, “It’s more so about the inner genetic energy, like the energy on the inside that will imply that
to where you don’t have to say anything.

So in this video, I’m gonna show you the most powerful secrets that I’ve learned to
maintaining magnetic energy. How boundaries have completely shifted my life and not just by setting outer boundaries, but how you can set energetic boundaries that will transform
every area of your life and allow you to really be in your own frame, to be in your own power.

And at the same time, say no to things that don’t resonate or things that you don’t really wanna do because it’s not authentic without feeling guilty.

I’m gonna show you how you can have energetic boundaries, where everywhere you go people are magnified to your energy, but not in a way that they feel like they need something from you, or you don’t have to like pep, you know, like shoot them off or anything like that.

And this is something that over the last year has completely transformed my life by working with my shadow work integration coach who’s helped me understand that I had this very strong pattern of releasing my frame.

I would do this thing when I was around other people that had a strong frame, my frame would in a way become weak, and I would like mold other people. I’d have friends that would say, let’s go do this, and it was hard for me to say, no. I would really abandon my sense of self to make others happy.

And this is something that started making me feel more and more powerless. Like I feel so obligated to do what other people want me to do that if I’d say no, I’d feel guilty.

I feel like I was a bad friend. And I would, then…. I think it’s part of this as well is I craved from a certain level, the validation from being in someone else’s frame and the payoff that I got from that. So, it was something that the more I became aware of, the more I started to take my energy back toward now.

Even if I say, or do something that I know someone else is gonna feel like maybe negative emotion because of what I do or whatever. I know that it’s me being authentic, and me maybe even being vulnerable.

So, I don’t feel guilty. I’m like, I remember this one little thing right over here, this little thing. So, remember that’s your shit not mine. When you have strong boundaries, you can verily very clearly see that when somebody else projects their stuff onto you, come to this thing that I want you to come to, because it will make me feel better.

You can then see that if you say no to it, because you actually have something you want to do, or you say no to it, because it’s not something you want to do. You can realize that they
feel negative emotion.

You realize that its their shit not yours. That’s an epiphany that I had when I was also realizing that, see how this other is a strong frame. I would feel that I had a weak frame
and I would then in a way, be tuned into other people because I’m also tuned to wanting validation from other people.

And what I would do is I would then merge to their frame. So, this is really an energetic and energy thing where we’re feeling like we’re in a way powerless. And this video is a funny little story for you.

My girlfriend is doing this woman’s retreat right now, and her name’s Heather. And she’s going through this thing where she goes and she’s meeting, you know, like 90 women that know her from her audience and stuff like that. And at something interesting that happened is,

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