Create a Manifestation Vortex with Your Vibrational Frequency | Powerful Way to Attract Positivity

Just thinking, scripting, visualising will NOT help you manifest what you want in life. Law of attraction is all about your vibrational frequency. If you can raise your vibrations so high you create a manifestation vortex to speed up what you want to attract, whether you want to manifest love, wealth money or success and happiness. This is what the secret never went deep on but is the most important rule, the law of vibration.
Sending love and prayers for all,
Sri Akarshana

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Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and Why?

Well that’s an easy one to answer everyone wants to be a millionaire don’t they? Even you, so in this short article I want to ask a more meaningful deeper question. Why be a millionaire, what are the advantages?

Erasing the Recession

We create our own realities by means of our thoughts. We also allow the thoughts of other to create concepts like a credit crunch and recession, when we should in fact be aware of the way energy impacts on the earth. We can use the exact same energy to let abundance manifest.

Want it All?

Do you want it all? Do you want wealth, AND Happiness. This is a time in history when there is more opportunity on the planet for human beings to live in extraordinary abundance, joy and creativity in every way. We know from quantum physics that the world we perceive as so firmly around us is, in fact, all made of vibrating energy strings. We know from scientific studies that human intention can effect matter. We have some of us have tried “positive thinking” and ended up more disillusioned than before. The best way to predict your future is to create it yourself! You are the most powerful force in your life to create wealth and happiness. Use your mental focus and attention to create what you want.

What Are Your Subconscious Thoughts About Money?

How you can turn Pocket Change into cash fast! How a burned out, factory worker went from broke to making thousands per month! How ordinary people can step out and collect their share of the wealth through online marketing.

Understanding Manifesting Abundance and the Laws of Attraction

You can manifest abundance into your every day life by thinking of the positive things and people that you want to enter into your life. The key to manifesting abundance is positive thinking on a day to day basis and most of all patience. By felling positive your natural energy will be positive and the laws of attraction and abundance will be on your side.

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