Crossing the 5D Bridge in 2021 (what we must do)

It’s time… in 2021, crossing the bridge into 5D requires us to do this.

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The time to ascend into 5D is now… In 2021, we are presented with the most optimal time to transition from the 3D way of being that we have been in for a very long time, into the 5D one. You see, for a long time, many of us have been on autopilot with a certain way of being. 2021, according to the ancient Mayans and some astrology as well, is the ideal year for transition and embodiment. Many people are learning how to let go of old ways of being, old systems and outdated beliefs in order to make room for the new and grow into their most authentic self.

Crossing the bridge into 5D in 2021 requires a process of each person making a decision to let go of the old and commit to raising their vibrations. All of the old structures and the way that we used to be able to function will not be the same anymore. As the shadow of the systems we’ve followed start to unveil and fall apart, a new way of collective being needs to come into place. If things are going to be better than what they once were, it becomes the responsibility of each of us individually to contribute to a higher level of consciousness.

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