Did I Just Go INTO A DIFFERENT REALITY? (not clickbait)

Here is my story on my out of body experience. What do you think?
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Manifesting Wealth – Tips For Achieving Great Wealth and Success in Life

Wealth is something everyone in life has; however, how many are successful in manifesting and retaining it? Well, unfortunately not many. So what are the secrets to manifesting wealth? This article gives you a few tips of how to do it.

Get Money

In order to do well financially a person must apply themselves 100%. Total dedication to the task at hand; Seeing the goal, rather than the task, makes the process smoother. Visualize the end result; it is always better if one has a love, or passion for their field of work. Some people are better suited for certain jobs than others. The common thread between all people that are wealthy is passion; they all had and have a burning desire to succeed.

Persistence and Perseverance – 10 Top Inspirational Quotes For Attracting Prosperity

Persistence and perseverance are essential qualities to becoming successful in life. It’s your willingness to persevere — to persist without exception — that is going to enable you to accomplish what you want to accomplish. And it’s what enables you to ultimately attract the abundance and prosperity you desperately want in your life. Here are ten top motivational quotes that deal with with subject of persistence.

5 Sentences to Say If You Don’t Want to Attract Money

There are lots of sentences you can say if you don’t want to attract money. These are just a few, but they will show you how successful you will be, and probably are if you aren’t able to attract money. I know you’d rather learn about sentences that attract money, but you might not believe them because you don’t have that personal experience. More than likely, your experiences lie in saying negative sentences…

Manage Money Better – 3 Tips to Create a Millionaire Mindset

Manage money better. That is what these people wish they did. In the last article, I wrote about four people who lost their millions after winning the lottery. Most of them won multiple millions and all were broke a couple of years after winning. This leads me to ask, what is not working? People think winning the lottery will solve their money problems; however, it did not work for these people. In fact, most of the people that win the lottery end up broke or in more debt then before they won the lottery. Why is this? It comes down to how we think. We must first develop a millionaire mindset before we can acquire and keep wealth.

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