Dopamine is either BLOCKING Manifestation or ACCELERATING it (depending on THIS)

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00:00 Intro
01:33 What Dopamine Actually Is
03:04 The Molecule Of More
04:34 Understanding Dopamine
05:34 The “Here and Now” Transmitters
06:44 Can I Be “Here And Now”?
07:22 Having A Better Relationship With Dopamine
07:54 Using Dopamine In Your Favor

Dopamine is like salt. You need it to survive, but too much of it would kill you. And the reason I say this is because this is something I’m currently learning in my own life and I’m learning how fleeting dopamine can be.

But what I want to share with you is something that I think will save you so much time on the process of you creating your dream life, and it is something that will also help you not fall into the same trap that I see so many people fall into.

And this is learning how to go beyond dopamine, to manifest your dream life and exactly step by step how to do that.

In this videoI’m going to be sharing with you the danger of dopamine, how most people are using dopamine to manifest what they want, how it’s still somewhat necessary, but how do we get around needing to constantly be stimulated by more, more, more, and more?

And let me first off say that dopamine is something that I think has been in our society today, we are so continuously becoming addicted to different things in our life, whether it’s the dopamine spikes in our phone, whether it’s the dopamine that we get from using different substances.

It’s the dopamine we get from different love relationships or dynamics. Dopamine is in a way they say, the reward neurotransmitter, like the reward chemical, but that’s actually not the truth.

Dopamine is the anticipation chemical. It’s what we anticipate and many people in the law of attraction community, they want to manifest things into their life. They want to create things
to come into their life and a lot of times it’s done from the energy of wanting, it’s done from the energy of lacking, of anticipating.

And I say this because I’ve recognized this in my own life. You might notice that I
have a new studio behind me. And it’s because I recently moved and I’ve realized how fleeting some of these things are.

I think that back in 2017, actually 2012, I think I was addicted to cannabis. It was something I was doing all the time, before that it was Adderall, or at the same time. And it was something that I felt like I needed.

It was something that I could do and it would immediately change my state. And I think I was also resisting going into my own pain, maybe my childhood trauma and stuff like that.

But it’s interesting, after that, I think that in a way I may have become addicted to meditation. I was addicted to this new identity shift, I was addicted to learning more about spiritual awakening, about how reality works.

And I spent like three to five hours a day, just like doing spiritual things and being in the sun and doing, these things that I think, were more beneficial for me.

But it’s funny after that in 2017, I become very intense about business. And I can absolutely see how my business has become a dopamine addiction. It is something I anticipate more, more, more, and they say that in a way, dopamine is the molecule of more.

So the molecule of more it’s like, “Can I have more?” because it’s the anticipation of more. And just recently, I also realized this even more so because I moved to Austin, Texas, I bought a house in a cool area here downtown, and then realized I want a bigger house. This house isn’t big enough for me running an online business and doing all these things I want to do.

So I rented out my house and I moved to another part of Austin where I have more space. And I’m in this awesome house now with all this space, but I’m realizing, am I just addicted to more? Am I just addicted to the anticipation? Once I get and have everything that I want, I know that there’s going to be this drop in emotion where it’s like, what do I have to look forward to now?

Is it the live event? Is it this new thing? And what I’m learning in this process is that, and there’s a book on this too, it’s called “The Molecule of More” that I’ve been reading. And there’s also a Joe Rogan podcast on dopamine that came out recently that I’ve been listening to, and I’ve realized just how addicted my mind is to more. And in a way it has helped me.

In a way, the molecule of more has helped me to become successful. I became very passionate, almost addicted to my own business back in 2017. That created a lot of success. At one point I was addicted to making YouTube videos. Created a lot of success, but guess what?

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