Hidden Secrets All Empaths need to know (or else)

If you are an empath, these secrets will change your life. With years of knowledge, learnings and practice, this is what I learned you must do if you are an empath.

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After practicing shadow work and learning how to integrate my shadow, I learned some very transformative practices and ideas that helped me as an empath. An empath is someone who is sensitive to the energy of others and energetically can easily absorb the energy and vibrations of people around them. One of the attributes of empaths that characterize their way of being, is that empaths usually do not feel comfortable and safe in their own frame.

That’s why it’s likely for an empath to attract a narcissist of some sort into their life because narcissists have a strong frame, which allows an empath to feel safe in someone else’s frame instead of having their own. Going through intensive shadow integration and coaching, I learned some powerful revelations and secrets about being an empath. It’s important that people who are sensitive to the energy of others and those who have a higher susceptibility to feel empathy, to first and foremost establish a strong frame and boundaries.

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Attract Wealth by Giving Value to the World

The desire to attract wealth is really just a desire for a fuller life. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by doing something with your time that contributes some sort of value to the world. This will open up the channels of prosperity and produce the good feelings necessary to attract more good things to you. Live your passion and the money will surely follow.

How to Attract Money – Why It’s So Difficult And How to Make it Easier

Are you finding it difficult to attract the money and prosperity you want? Are you a a student of personal growth trying to put all of the teachings into practice, but finding it still just isn’t working? Why is it so difficult and what are you doing wrong?

Abundance in Modern Times

Abundance is a subject of utmost importance for the time we are living in. If you are spiritually aware, you know that a current shift in universal consciousness is taking place. You sense that major restructurings are taking place on all levels. You see that the old models and patterns are gradually changing. Take the global economy and its effects in people’s lives and ideas as a clear example.

Riches – More Than Money

Becoming rich is often singularly and synonymously perceived as attaining monetary wealth. This is an incredibly misguided and incomplete way of thinking. Riches means becoming rich in all aspects of your life: socially, intellectually, physically, spiritually, and yes, financially too. You cannot consider yourself truly rich until you fulfill each of the five aspects of your life.

Is There Enough Money to Go Round?

There are four components of ideal living: health, money, time and companions. They are inter-related. Yet the big question is for the ordinary person, getting rich is not easy. If everyone is trying to get rich, is there enough money to go round? Let’s take a look at the answer in the book The Science of Getting Rich.

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