How To ATTRACT Without Chasing & Make Them DESIRE YOU

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Energetically, the more someone chases someone else, the more the energy pushes them away. Now, when you make the changes that I’m gonna share with you in this video, everything changes.

You stop repelling that which you want. You allow the energy to come to you. And I’m gonna show you exactly how to do that. Now, the first thing to realize when it comes to this process of attraction is when you are attracting someone else, have you ever noticed this?

The more unattached you are, the more attractive that is. The more someone else is unattached, the more attractive they are to you. And think about it. The more someone wants you to like them, the more someone wants your approval, wants anything from you, the least likely you are to actually give it.

Isn’t that interesting? It’s interesting because what ends up happening is something that I learned from Alan Watts. It’s called the backwards law. That is the more you try is the more you resist, the more you block.

The more you try to get people to like you, the more the energy is actually messed up and the less likely they are to actually like you. The more you try to control something in your life, the more out of control you feel, because the more things have to be a certain way and the more that then it emphasizes that feeling of not being in control.

Now, when it comes to at attracting love, one of the most attractive things you can do is actually be not attached. Now, what does that mean to be not attached? Now, to be not attached doesn’t mean you’re not engaged.

And you’re like, “I wanna be engaged.” Well, not that engaged, okay? It means you’re not engaged. It doesn’t mean that you’re not engaged into the present moment. Because the thing when it comes to this whole dynamic is anything we make more important, anything we put on a pedestal, we immediately separate ourselves from it.

And I’ll tell you from experience. People can feel when you put them on a pedestal. I know that just because of what I do for a living, being on YouTube and stuff like that. If I meet somebody and what happens is it’s like there’s an energy there where they want something.

They want my attention.They want me to do something. They want me to like listen to something. It’s just an energy that is felt. And whereas when people talk to me just a regular person, it’s so much easier for me to engage with people, but not that way of engaging.

So the dynamic here, and there’s a saying of this, and I’ve noticed this about other people in my own life ’cause I’ve done the same exact thing where I put someone on a pedestal, create resistance, and then it depolarizes the dynamic.

Because remember this: If you treat someone like a celebrity, they will treat you like a fan. So energetically, the key to this is to not to put people on a pedestal. It’s not to put people and to think, “Oh my God, it’d be so amazing if they gave me this validation. They responded to my text or whatever.”

When it comes to sexual polarity, if somebody put someone else’s, “Oh my God, this person is amazing. I’m gonna put them all the way up here. If they were to respond and we were to go on this date and it was amazing, it would be great.” We’re making someone else the authority. Think about that.

And it doesn’t feel good to be that authority. Some people like it, I will say that. There are people out there, maybe even that like have online presences or whatever. And they may get off on other people looking up to them and go, “You’re so amazing. You are so phenomenal.”
And they may like that, but it depolarizes the relationship.

And I found that, if anything, it’s something that I’d rather just be on the same playing field with other people. Because a lot of times it’s also an inauthentic neediness. I need something from you. And it’s like codependency in a way.

Now, when it comes to sexual polarity though and sexual dynamics, so important to understand that what you wanna do, this is also like a lot of times putting someone else
and wanting something from them and even putting everything into the future.

“Ooh, it’d be amazing when I get their love because then we’d be on the same field. I can then feel worthy.” And what it really is is it’s looking to feel validated on the outside. It’s looking for the outside to validate the inside.

But remember, the way reality works is it’s a mirror. It is mirroring back to us that which we believe to be true. It is mirroring back to us our own expression. And if we feel and say, “I’m not enough. I’m not good enough.

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