If you procrastinate WATCH THIS (WHY you do it and how to STOP)

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00:00 Intro
01:18 What is Sabotage
02:09 Procrastination keeps us in the known
03:14 What’s your self image?
04:23 The key is to take the jump
05:16 Make the choice to start right meow!

What if procrastination is a form of self-sabotage? Like there’s something that we know that if we did may change our life, and we know that maybe we should be taking step in that direction, but there’s some reason we don’t.

It’s like, there’s almost some invisible force that’s keeping us from actually doing it. Now I know even sometimes, like there’s a cold plunge that I have like right over there. It’s
a little freezer thing.

Or is it somewhere over there? Anyways, there’s a cold plunge over there somewhere. And anytime in the morning, I’m getting ready to go into it. I will go up to it. And I know that I’m willing to be there like a minute, minute and a half. And it’s like 38 degrees it’s very cold. And I opened it up, and I look inside and I will just sit there and find other things to do for like 10 minutes. I will go in, I’ll change the song on my sound system thing so I can listen to it.

Like I will sit there and think about what I need to do today. I’ll check my emails. I’ll like go through things and I will wait like two or three minutes. And by the time it’s two or three minutes, I’m like, “man I could’ve been out two minutes ago”, but there’s something
there’s like a reason that I’m not doing it. Not to say that, like, you know, that’s like an analogy for kind of what happens.

But sabotage is something that is keeping us in comfortable territory. And procrastination is a way of keeping that old identity alive. I know when I first started on YouTube back in 2017, it was something that I knew I should have been doing for like three years.

But I waited, I waited for all these current, like I had all these excuses, I need the right camera equipment. I need this. I need that. I need like learn more ideas. I need to learn how to edit and the main message, and, the thing that changed everything was when I just chose to start. I just began, after like six months of making two or three videos. And then I waited six months. I then went daily on YouTube and that changed everything.

Now, all that happened was I made one choice that shifted me from an old identity that was procrastinating. That was afraid to step into my true power. And I made one choice that then stepped me into a completely new reality and it changed everything.

But the thing that was holding me back was procrastination, but understanding the mechanism that procrastination is a way of staying the same, because the same equals familiar. Sometimes even though we know like doing this thing may get me closer to my goals. It’ll hold us back if there’s pain that’s associated with that.

Some of this pain also I think is subconscious. I know that when I started making videos, I had to start like not caring what people thought, because I knew I’d get more judgment.
I knew that I’d also have to like be okay with more attention being on me.

And these were things I wasn’t really comfortable with. And I looked back at my own childhood and I looked back at my own like, like past, and I can see maybe why. Have
any of you ever felt like you were afraid to shine? Because if you were to shine, maybe you’d out shine one of your siblings, maybe if you were to shine, then it’s like,it’d be a threat or like other people could judge you you’d be on a pedestal.

That’s something that I felt and there’s are subconscious things that were keeping me the same that were keeping me from having to confront that level of my shadow. So when we talk about transformation and things that will really shift our lives more than anything else,
I think the key is really looking at our sense of identity.

Who do we believe we are? We are thinking, we are feeling, we are acting consistent to
whatever that identity is. When we know that maybe where it looks like we’re almost making a new choice about who we are to step into this new reality.

But what happens is procrastination is prolonging that choice, because if we don’t make that choice, we don’t have to confront the shadow and all the things that come up. So, the main message of today is something that I tell a lot of people when I’m, I also help people go full-time doing what they love

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