if you want it you lack it.

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One of the most powerful spiritual lessons I’ve learned about manifestation has a lot to do with how to actually manifest the ideal reality. When you are living in the present moment and are expressing gratitude for that, you begin to instantly raise your vibration. Raising your vibration also makes you more magnetically powerful and makes your energy more attractive. So when you’re affirming your manifestations in the present with gratitude for that of which you have now, you become a magnet to your ideal reality.

When you really really want something, the energy you’re giving off is that of desperation and lacking. Wanting something really badly just means that you currently don’t have it and that puts out an energetic distance between you and your desires. Once you start being at the vibration of that which you desire, you have the ability to become an energetic match to it and raise your own vibration. Do not separate your desires and goals by creating an energetic barrier of really really wanting it.

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