if you’re an Empath who absorbs negative energy WATCH THIS!

In 2020, I learned so much about being an empath and being in my own energy. If you are an empath, you must do this to stop absorbing negative energy.

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What I share with you, in this video, I believe is one of the most profound ideas that has changed my life when it comes to understanding what it means to be an empath. And recently, I was in a live Q and A I was doing for one of my groups, and I shared this idea, and I could tell that it was like, things were just shifting for people, because they were having realizations. So in this video, I want to share with you what those realizations are about being an empath, how to turn it from being what some people consider to be a curse into a super power, and then also understanding why it’s there and what you can do about it to completely change the way you interact with other people. This has to do with having more magnetic energy, but at the same time, creating for yourself a container to where you don’t absorb other people’s energy. So it works both ways, and in this video, I’m gonna share with you exactly what to do.

Welcome back to another video. My name’s Aaron, and I help people expand their consciousness. Now in this video I want to share with you some of the most profound ideas that I’ve learned about being an empath. And what I think is very important for us to know in 2021 as well, because 2021, in this year moving forward just in general, there’s gonna be more and more of the old structures falling away, and there’s a tendency for people that are empaths to feel that chaotic energy, to feel other people that are going through a lot of trauma or a lot of processing of the shadow, and then to think that it’s them. And I’m gonna share with you in this video how to go through that, how to navigate through that. Now, first off, what is an empath? An empath, or what some people call a highly sensitive person is somebody that’s able to feel other people’s energy. And there’s some science here that I have written down.

And there’s some signs that you may be an empath. One is, you have good sense of intuition. You have a lot of empathy for other people. You’re able to really feel into them. You’re able to know if people are lying to you or not. You’re able to see through their intentions in a very powerful way. Sometimes closeness and intimacy can overwhelm you, because you can feel it so deeply. You take a lot of comfort in nature. Most likely, if you’re in a chaotic city environment, you feel bombarded with energy, and it’s a lot for you. It’s a lot of stimulation. You don’t do well in crowded places. People tend to tell you their problems. You have people that come to you, and they want to tell you what’s going on in their life, because they feel like you’ll understand, and you’ll empathize with them. And you have a hard time not caring as well. It’s hard for you to just draw the line, and a lot of times empathic people as well, have trouble setting boundaries with other people.

They say, “Yes,” to things maybe they don’t want to do, because they don’t want to disappoint someone else, because they can so clearly feel what someone else is feeling. So if you have any of these, I think they say three out of those seven that I stated, then most likely you are an empath. Now, here is the, I have a coach that I’ve been going to. It’s a shadow work integration coach. It’s somebody that has a double PhD in psychology and that also is a master when it comes to Carl Jung, understanding his different archetypes, and I’ve learned a lot about myself.

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