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❤️Scripting is a key element when focusing and visualising what you really want to manifest & come into your life.
💓When you script you write as if your desires have already manifested. It can be done every day. The Law of Attraction is available to everybody.
🌞From smallest desire to largest, when you write as if, with details, feelings, thoughts and images included, you will set the law of attraction in motion to bring to you all that you desire for your highest good.
🌵This music is set for twenty minutes, an excellent amount of focus writing time. Find yourself a pen & journal and begin manifesting. 20 minutes in tandem with this calming, meditative journalling music will start you off on the most positive foot.

I also recommend this article if you wish to gain more information:

Please get in touch! I love to hear your suggestions and can make any meditation or affirmation for this channel (so long as it is legal). If you’d like a bespoke meditation made personally for you and never replicated elsewhere please visit my Etsy shop

Each affirmation has been tailored to bring about personal, empathetic & nourishing positive power, where you can truly allow yourself to take up the space you deserve, with dignity and happiness.

DISCLAIMER PLEASE READ: My work DOES NOT replace the care of a trained health professional. By making your mind up to listen to my creations you are choosing of your own free will. If you are suffering from physical, mental or environmental issues and ailments, it is YOUR responsibility to seek professional help. Please do not listen to whilst operating machinery or driving. You are in control. I wish you the very best.

Thank you for taking the time to listen to and enjoy my work. It’s a pleasure creating it for you. By either listening to the music, or listening to the music and meditating lightly on the imagery, you will soon begin to feel relaxed.

I create several times every week and welcome all feedback, suggestions and messages for future creations. Check out my library of ever growing work, there’s something for everyone.

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vels 🌱 Our New Tasmanian Channel Is 🌱

Does Like Attract Like?

I can remember when I first read the book The Secret and started working with the Law of Attraction, I was having a problem with the part that said we are all like magnets and “Like attracts like.” As a child I can remember studying magnets and if my memory still serves me, like poles would not attract and actually repelled each other and the saying was: “opposites attract” You couldn’t get two south poles to connect to each other you could only connect a south pole to a north pole and so the part in…

Stop Torturing Yourself by Working in a Job You Hate, It Is Time to Have Money Work For You Instead

Most of us know that stress is the number one causes of death. Doctors and Scientists have proven that the ‘Work-Place’ causes the most stress to people around the globe everyday. It doesn’t matter where you are, what you do, or who your employers are, if you spend more than 40 hours per week in your workplace then stress is very likely to come upon you. This is especially for those who hate their job. So why work hard if there are so many alternatives. For instance: have money work hard for you.

William Shakespeare Quote: Expectations Limit Your Abundance!

Would anyone ever be disappointed if they had no expectations? If you have no expectations, how do you accomplish anything?

Evidence You Are Wealthy, Loved and Abundant Beyond Your Knowledge

Here are a few helpful ideas for anyone in dire need of happy thoughts, motivation and inspiration during tough times. Prosperity is all around you. Why should you be excluded? Read this free helpful info article and you will notice that change does happen at the speed of thought.

Charles Dickens Quote: The False Concept You Believe!

Everyday you are fighting for your life! Make no mistake you are fighting for control with the scariest enemy possible. This enemy knows your every move and this enemy is insidious. It hides in plain sight and is the only creature that can destroy you! Its only power is in its lies, but it uses a messenger you trust without question and that makes it deadly.

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