Letting go is Easy AF (it’s SO simple)

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In this video, you’re gonna learn why letting go is the most powerful manifestation process
you can possibly apply in your life. You’re gonna learn why attachment actually resists that which you want to bring in, and how when you really attach you don’t leave room for anything else to move in, and how a side effect of letting go is your vibration, your energy,
your level of consciousness will naturally begin to raise.

And you’ll find that things happen easier, things are more effortless, and it’s because there is less resistance in your life altogether. So, in this video, I’m gonna show you step by step
exactly what to do and I believe this is the video that when you look back three to four months from now that you see that this is the thing that planted a seed that profoundly changed your life.

I wanted to share with you why letting go works like magic, and how you can easily apply this into your life. Now, normally when we’re studying the law of attraction, what we hear is we need to think about what we want. We need to intend for what we want. And all the focus is, is on the outer reality when, in fact, all the outer reality is, is a reflection of the inner reality.

So, if we have a belief, either a thought, a label, or some type of attachment that keeps us tied to our old self or our old reality. No matter how much we think of that, of the Lamborghini, of the money, of the dream job, of the ideal relationship, no matter how much we think of it, if we are still attached to the old, we ain’t making room for it, it’s like if you have a closet that is so full of stuff and you wanna buy more stuff, but even if you bought it, where would you bring it to?

You’d have to clear out some of the stuff to then allow it in and when I looked to my own life, I noticed that for me to be a full-time YouTuber, to have that the cool little trophy over there that symbolizes all the validation that I feel because I’m so worthy now, that as a reflection was something that I had to let go of the old past self to become this new, higher vibrational Aaron Doughty who has 100 or whatever, you get the idea though. But, there are things that we’re attached to that those things that we’re attached to is what’s actually blocking us from bringing anything new in.

So, the secret to everything in my life that I’ve accomplished has been from, not ecessarily just wiring in, mainly letting go. Letting go of belief systems, of labels. I used to have the belief that I had ADHD, and, therefore, guess what? The only reason, The only way that I knew to get around that. You want to know what it was? Taking Adderall, smoking weed. That was the only, that’s what I believed. That was the only way for me to get through it.

At least that was the belief system. I had to let go of that label altogether. So, these are the different types of attachments. Let’s first go off over those. So, there is the attachment of a label.

So, this is like you are attached to a label of being shy, or being outgoing, or being the class clown, or being the introvert, or of being single, always the one in the relationship. You know, there’s many different labels that we’ll find that if we attach to, it then makes it challenging for us to switch anything because it’s a part of our self-image.

It’s a part of our identity, which we’ll talk about in a minute, attachment to a person. Imagine that you’re attached to a family member or a friend, and you wanna become successful. But, you’re afraid if you do become successful, then you’re afraid that you’re gonna let them go, and you’re gonna let go of that friendship. You’re gonna let go of that relationship. You might find that it’s hard for you to attract and love.

Well, guess what? It’s hard to attract and love when you’re attached to a past partner, and you’re energetically still attached to that.

You have to let go to then let in. I’m gonna explain to you exactly how you can let go, as well, now, a belief. If you have a limiting belief that says, I’m not worthy, or a limiting belief that says, I must work a nine-to-five job. I must go to college like my dad and mom told me to, then guess what?

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