Letting go is EASY when you do this (Make detaching EASY)

90% of raising your vibration is letting go because letting go leads to freedom.. Letting go is easy when you make detachment easy like this.

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Letting go is actually an easy process but it only is perceived to be difficult because there is some type of identity attachment that you have with the belief or person you’re holding on to. Not only that, but most of the times you might not want to let go because you have some type of “pay off” or benefit from holding on- whether it’s external validation, being “right” about something or anything else that you tell yourself is a benefit.

Detachment from a person, outcome or belief is the key to letting go and makes the process of letting go really easy. You see, letting go is supposed to be easy but we subconsciously make the choice to believe that it’s hard and find reasons why we shouldn’t. It’s a paradox, but holding on to something really hard actually creates resistance and energetic distance. That means that letting go is what actually helps you attract more and live more in alignment and flow.

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How to Live In Abundance?

For hundreds of years there has been one method for gaining what you desire, and living in abundance, that has proven true time and again. The law of attraction has been used by millions of people to turn their lives around and go from broke to loaded. This theory, although complicated and involving many aspects, can be summed up like this…

Receive Abundance and Prosperity in Your Life

The meaning of abundance and prosperity can change from person to person. These terms are purely a matter of perception. Abundance for one person may not be enough for another, while still another may be happy with even less than the first. The only thing that is common between all people is the methods that we all need to use to gain the things we want in life.

Do You Want the Secret Millionaire?

If you watch the Secret Millionaire, you may learn a few things about one of the rules in the law of attraction. It’s a very simple rule, really. It can be summed up in one word. Every millionaire knows that rule.

The Circulation Law of Prosperity

The Circulation Law of Prosperity is about keeping the natural flow and balance in your life going. I think the best possible analogy I could give you would be this; think of water flowing from a mountain stream, it is always the purest, clearest, most sparkling water you will ever see, yet if you were to take that same water and allow it to become trapped in a small pool in the ground it would start to get murky and yucky and life would cease to grow within it.

Does Your Inbox Feed Your Money Fear?

If your focus is on what you can do to create your desired level of success (meaning, at this moment, you don’t have a clue) or how to meet monthly expenses, struggle has become a tenant in your life. However, you don’t have to allow it squatter’s rights.

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