Love will Chase You when you STOP giving a sh*t (Importance = resistance)

Love becomes easy and natural for you when you do this.

Listen to this meditation to truly wire in the vibration of love and increase the probability of attracting a relationship ➡

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Anything we make really important, what we do is we give that a lot of energy, and what the universe does is the Law of Balance in our reality is that, that energy must be mitigated.

That energy must be relieved because there’s excess energy there. So what happens is anything we really, really want, we resist and we do not allow into our life.

Anytime we put someone on a pedestal, what we are doing is we’re putting them above ourselves and then what happens is it creates resistance because it’s giving something more energy and more importance than it actually has.

Everything in reality is neutral. This is why there may be somebody that you’re maybe not attracted to. And it’s very easy for you to walk into them and talk but then there’s somebody
over there that you actually, in your mind you begin to glorify.

You put them on a pedestal and you’d go over to them. You stifled and you kind of stuttered. The reason being is because there’s more resistance infused into the second scenario because there’s more importance infused there.

And that importance is felt at an energetic level.

So that’s why they say, “if you treat someone like a celebrity, they will treat you like a fan.”

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