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There are three main things you need in order to manifest anything you want in your life without having to work at all. Now the first thing you need, you need a couch. Okay? As you can see, I have a couch here. The second thing you need, is you need to be able to think on that couch. Okay? So what I do is I just kind of sit here like this, and just kind of… Then what I do is I think about what I want. Okay? And I think about it, I put my hands sometimes right here, and I think about what I want. And this is the second step. So the first house… The first step is you get the couch The second step, as you think about what you want. And the third step is you just do everything else after that, that you would normally do. It’s really simple. And for years I did this and for years, I got zero results. So I know sometimes, I know, if I would have titled this video, Things That All Millennials Need To Hear, y’all, wouldn’t have clicked on this video. I’m here to give give you not necessarily what you want to hear, but I’m here to tell you what you need to hear. Okay?

I want to help all… If you clicked on a video and you want to achieve the life of your dreams without having to work, I just, there’s a couple of things I think will make all the difference in the world, when it comes to you. And of course I’m being kind of facetious here but there’s this huge spiritual, lack of spiritual initiation that I noticing in so many people, and I was guilty of it too. Back in 2012, I went through my spiritual awakening and I went through this kind of flighty sense where I started learning about the law of attraction, I learned about the movie, The Secret and everything in my life was then about thinking. I was thinking, I was thinking and I got nowhere because I wasn’t being. Everything changed in my life when I started to take action. And there are a lot of people in my life, I just dealt with somebody in my life today actually, as I record this, that, it’s this common pattern that I’m noticing in life in general, is that there’s people that are going through this very flighty kind of like spiritual thing where they are waiting for things to happen. They feel a little bit of resistance and then it’s like,

“This doesn’t resonate. This is low vibe.” And the thing that I want to encourage, and sometimes I just want to shake people and be like, “Come on.” Especially for a lot of uninitiated men in the world. Uninitiated, meaning maybe and there’s compassion here with this, maybe you didn’t have a strong father figure or a masculine presence growing up, but there’s this energy and vibration right now on the planet, where so many people are expected to be given things. And because they’re expected to be given things, anything that represents a little bit of work or work in general, it’s like, it seems like that’s not necessary. Now there’s some benefits. Some benefits are the millennials are trying to learn how to do things easier in a more… With less effort. So that could be one benefit.

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