My High Vibe Morning Routine for Manifestation (what I actually do step by step)

This is exactly what I do every single day to be in high vibrations. Doing this daily has helped me with my manifestations and vibrational alignment.

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The best time for you to set your vibration for the day is right when you wake up in the morning. The first, I’d say 30 to 60 minutes of your day powerfully impacts your whole vibe, how you feel and how you show up in the world. And when you raise your vibration right when you wake up in the morning, you’ll find that people respond to you in a more like pleasing way. You’ll find that things just happen in a more smooth way and you’re able to actually respond rather than react. So in this video, I’m gonna share with you my updated morning routine, high-vibe morning routine, what I do every single day, right when I get up in the morning and how that primes me for my day. And I really say it too, like, what you do in the morning impacts the rest of your day, but what you do consistently every single day, compounds over time. So it’s almost like a double whammy there because your vibration is consistently being up ramped every day, and then compound. So first off, first thing I do every single day is, actually starts the night before to be honest with you. By the way, I’m in my new house in Sedona. The room has such a cool vibe.

The first thing I do every day is I praise my higher self. I’m just kidding, I don’t do that. But this my higher self painting, which I think is super cool, it’s got a certain energy to it, I love it. And in general though, before I go to bed at night one of the things I highly recommend you guys do, is set an intention for your next day and set the intention to remember your dreams. Because your dreams are showing you subconscious representations of different energies that you are working through in your life. So last night I had some very powerful dreams some of which had to do with releasing the old, it’s gonna sound kind of, I don’t know if I wanna share it. Well, maybe I will. So I had dreams last night that made me aware that I felt abandoned earlier in childhood. I felt abandoned and I can see now how so a lot of the relationships that I’ve attracted in my life, have this fear that if I’m not being a people pleaser, if I’m not being a certain way, then people might leave me and I never knew where that came from, but last night in my dream, it was shown to me very clearly. And I then became aware, of course, my parents were divorced and I viewed it a certain way as a kid, even though I don’t view it that way now. But before I go to bed at night, I set the intention to remember my dreams every single night before I go to bed.

And what that does is it helps me prime my mind for the different energies I’m working through. But also I set the intention to have a very clear and to have a very focused next day. So I set the intention that I would get up in the morning and make a banger video. Okay, so here I am making a banger video on that of YouTube. And by the way, can you like this video if you want me to make more vlog style videos? Also just give it a high vibrational like just in general. I wanna start putting more energy into YouTube but if I see that like then I’m gonna know. You know, like, “Hey, people want this. “Give what people what they want,” you know what I mean? So, okay, that’s what I do every morning. First thing I do is, I also, while I’m laying in bed, one thing I do is I lay down and as I’m waking up I put my hands over my heart and I think of a couple things I’m grateful for. The gratitude in the heart. And they call this HeartMath Institution I think it’s called, it’s a heart coherence. It increases the energy inside of the body, of the heart. Another hack I do before I go to bed at night, is I literally feel the emotions of what I wanna create in my life. And I imagine that that’s my identity. That’s my identity, not just like, you know, “Oh, it’s so cool I have “a quadrillion dollars and all this stuff.” No, it’s natural for me to be living in the abundance I am, but also for me to be doing what I love.

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