My secrets that make Letting Go easy AF

Attachment is the root of all suffering and BLOCKS what you want. Here are my secerts to letting go that will change your life! Find out your vibration and receive a personalized meditation that will help you raise your level of consciousness: ➡️

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00:00 Intro
01:54 What do you believe you deserve?
02:48 How Letting Go has changed my life
04:31 New levels of Identity
05:21 Types of Attachments
09:51 Why are we so attached
10:18 Childhood dynamics
10:40 Awareness is 90% of the transformation
11:35 Fear Of Lost
13:17 What’s the meaning behind the attachment?
14:11 The Key to Letting Go
15:18 LET GO to LET IN
16:22 Focus on the process, not on the result.

Is there something that you need or want or feel like you should let go of? And my guess is that if you can hear this right now, then there is something that is trying to make its way out so that you can allow something to actually come in.

So I’ve looked, just over the last like, actually, yesterday. Yesterday, I went through this process where I was going through all my teachings and I was looking at all the videos that I’ve made and asking myself, what is the common denominator here?

What is the one thing that has changed my life the most over the last couple years, even my whole entire story. And I realized that it comes down to the ability to let go. And anytime I have let go, in a way, the universe has rewarded me or given me a direct reflection of a new version of me.

Now, I think about it. If you know my story, then seven to 15 years old, the whole step-mom thing, after that left my life, and I was 15 and my dad divorced her, I kept attracting into my life, women that were trying to control me. Because there was a belief there. There was a belief that I was holding onto that said that women try to control me and therefore, my reality was a direct reflection of that belief.

In order for me to let that go, in order for that to change, I had to let that go. I had to let that belief go. And I also, I had to forgive my ex step-mom. It wasn’t easy because I had a lot of anger. I think I had a lot of my identity around that, of the victimization that I experienced when I was younger. Like you know, this is what I went through.

And in a way, maybe that made me stronger. But the thing that really changed everything
was when I let go of that positionality. A positionality is kind of like a perspective. I had to let go of holding onto that, and when I did that ex-stepmom left my life.

What if the people in your life are direct reflections of what you’re allowing, because you were holding onto and attached to believing that’s what you deserve?

Both in the good ways and the bad ways, by the way. If you have people in your life that are nurturing and that love you, then there’s an aspect of attachment there, and that that may have actually been benefiting you.

The time we experience pain in our life is when we stay attached to things. Attachment is the root of all suffering. I have it written behind me right now. And that’s something that Buddha said. “Attachment and desire is the root of all suffering.” And I think what makes the things that I teach a little bit different than the mainstream of what we learned about the law of attraction is I like to focus more on the letting go.

Then just the focus on the Lamborghini or the thing that you want, or the manifestation of the relationship. The letting go to me is even more powerful because when you let go, naturally the things come into your life that you want. Now, I had to let in my own life of believing and having the identity of having ADHD and taking Adderall. I had to let that go in order for me to become more zen, to become more of a meditator.

And it’s funny because we talk about identities and our reality is a direct reflection of who we are being. And it’s a direct reflection of how we view ourselves. And when I was taking Adderall, the prescription drug given for ADHD, going to work, what I would do is go to work. And then at the end of the day, I have to smoke a lot of cannabis to counteract the side effects of Adderall, which were you couldn’t eat much and couldn’t sleep much.

Whereas the side effects of cannabis, where you could eat much and you could sleep much. And I felt so dependent on those things that eventually I learned meditation. As I learned meditation, I was letting go of that old belief system of me having ADHD.

I started to have this part of me that was like more zen. More of a, I would sun gaze and do these esoteric things and do mantras. It’s funny, my buddy Drew just sent me a mantra. He’s like, let’s chant this and create a bridge from this reality to that reality.

And it reminded me of when I was a…

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