POWER VORTEX – Manifest Success, Happiness & Love – Law of Attraction

Enter your personal success vortex to manifest anything you desire. You can manifest success, happiness, and love in your power vortex. It is easy to create a power vortex when you use the Law of Attraction to manifest from the vortex of the past to the future. Robert Zink will take you on a journey to identify your own personal power vortex. You will find out how to manifest anything with one happy thought from the past and send it to the future.

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If we meet you on the street wearing a Soaring High shirt, you win $100.


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4 Reasons to Become Money Minded

Being money minded is the key to creating wealth and abundance, yet it can be overlooked when a person is trying to increase their wealth and achieve more in their lives. In fact the thought of being money minded makes a lot of people feel repulsed, they associate this with being greedy and single minded – two traits which…

Wealth Beyond Reason – Abundance, Prosperity and Well-Being

In this article, Bob Doyle shares the story of his path to “Wealth Beyond Reason” and how wealth isn’t just about money. Bob Doyle is the creator and facilitator of Wealth Beyond Reason.

Wealth Secret – Connect With Your Body & Find Your Fortune

Experts say to check in with the feeling in your body as a gauge for decision making. Often, we do not do that. Get tips here to create more wealth from saying hello to your body.

Life is Magic and It’s All Done With Mirrors – Show Me the Money! – Part 1

Your circumstances look a particular way, just as your mirrored reflection does. If you don’t like the reflection, it isn’t the mirror you change.

Accessing the Abundance Matrix – Changing Our World From the Inside Out

Today, with world events challenging us to go into agreement with the paradigm proposed by the media of fear, lack, and scarcity, it is more important than ever for us to consciously CHOOSE which matrix we will have as our operating software for our lives. By doing so, we set the internal program to align with those outcomes that are a part of that grid matrix, in this case ABUNDANCE.

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