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With the great awakening happening right now on the planet, so many people waking up in the world, so many of the old power structures are falling away so that something new and more powerful, that’s more in alignment with the energy that’s here today but there’s a lot of things falling away and sometimes be a little bit fearful. To protect yourself you might be under your kitchen table, you might put on a tinfoil hat but I’m hearing this video to share with you, you don’t need any of this for protection. I’m gonna share with you what you need to know for 2021 with the great awakening, how you can protect yourself in the real way without imposing fear, and this really is the key, I think, for so many people. Speaking of tinfoil hats, you’re ever wondered why people even used to wear the tinfoil hats? Like what is the belief behind it? Let me ask Siri, Hey Siri why did people use to wear tinfoil hats? But it says is, it’s often worn with the belief or hope that it will shield the brain from threats, such as electromagnetic fields, mind control and mind reading.

Interesting, okay, so with the great awakening that’s happening right now on the planet, there is a lot of manipulation going on in the world just in general, I’d say that there, this is gonna sound kind of out there, but I’m just gonna go out and say it, I think there are people on the planet that know that there’s this collective consciousness, there’s, you know, billions of us on the planet and we’re all connected and when you have a lot of people believing in certain things, it makes it a little bit easier to remain controlled, to remain in control. And what has happened is the great awakening is about, there’s so much stuff going on in the world, and there are so many old power structures falling away that now there’s people that are just organically waking up, they’re waking up to realizing that there’s more to life than what we’ve priorly thought, that we’re eternal spiritual beings living in temporary human experiences, and that we don’t necessarily need to buy into everything we’re being told from authority.

It’s kind of an interesting thing because even people that are into the spiritual information, my grandma for example, she’s never really been into the super spiritual information that I share on my channel or anything like that but even her, is kind of, is questioning things like, yeah I think, I don’t believe this or I, you know, it’s very interesting a lot of the beliefs that people have and the things they’re not buying into anymore because they’re starting to see through the veil, they’re starting to see through the BS that’s been projected for such a long period of time. If tinfoil hats aren’t the way to go about, you know, protecting ourselves, and what is the actual way to go about it? Well what I will say is that, when we feed the fear and when we go down sometimes even little rabbit holes of information, the more fear we infuse into the power dynamics of other people, the more powerful that they become.

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