Raise Your Vibrations for 2021 with EET | Your Manifestations Will Come True [7 Minutes Meditation]

This 7 minute eye energy transfer is an open eye meditation that will help you instantly raise your vibrations, connect to the Universe on the highest frequency and allow for the greatest manifestations to happen for 2021.

Why eye energy transfer over other meditations? Our eyes are most receptive to energies and also most energies are released through our eyes. When Master Sri Akarshana opens up his energy points he allows the Universal energies to channel through him, through his vessel.

Channeling and emitting high vibrational frequencies through his eyes to your. The eyes are the key to the soul. Thats why it has immediate effects.

It is common to feel sensations through the body, emotions release, a sense of bliss and calmness or even opening your third eye visuals where you will see certain shapes, colors and energies.

Just stay focused for 7 minutes and allow the energies to move through you for healing and manifestation powers.

Love and Light to all,
Team Creator

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