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Proof of Oneness – Raise Your Energy Vibration and Experience Abundance

Quantum physics is now agreeing with ancient mystics and spiritual leaders, saying that we really are all one in this universe. We all share an energy field and you can affect the world around you by raising your energy vibration.

Understanding Prosperity Economics

I recently did a seminar on prosperity for a group people consisting of mainly women. They were mostly professionals who had temporarily suspended their careers to raise a family. Some were doctors, others were lawyers and accountants; but the common denominator was that most were well educated high-level earners. I began the workshop by asking them to pass the microphone around to introduce themselves, and then to individually answer the following question; “My biggest concern about money is…” Their answers totally blew my mind.

Prosperity Can Be Found in a Gratitude Journal

So often, our lives resemble a rat race and we lose sight of the abundance all around us. Today is the perfect day to take a few minutes to reflect on all the blessings you have received over the last year. Possessing an attitude of gratitude for what we have been given and what we have right now opens windows for more blessings to enter into our lives. One of the greatest ways I have found to keep in the habit of expressing gratitude is by writing in a gratitude journal.

Beneath Every Desire Is Fear – How To Work With The Law Of Abundance (Part 1)

It pays to look at your desire for more, or for other, until you see the fearful basis of it. Then you see your fear lying on the surface of your awareness, blocking the depths from you… the infinite depths. When you see this, you see that fear, not desire, has been running your show. Examine the fear until you see through it, into the rich reward for that subtle effort: the state of all-sufficiency.

Attracting Abundance, Wealth, Health and Happiness Into Your Life

Attract Riches, Wealth and anything your heart desires, to you. It’s all up to you. There is a science to attracting abundance. I will show you the “4 A’s and 1 G” formula that I use to attract Abundance, Love, Prosperity, Health and Happiness into my life.

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