Secrets to Letting go of an Ex/past relationships, Drugs, and Outcome that will make you Free AF

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00:00 Intro
01:35 Our beliefs create our reality
02:25 Dreaming in a Paralel Reality
05:30 Dream interpretation
08:33 The one thing that has changed my entire life
10:08 Listen to your Higher Self
11:07 Letting Go is the key
12:46 How to let go of an ex?
13:58 Understanding Childhood Dynamics
15:36 “What If” mentality around love
16:35 How our relationships are a reflection of our childhood
19:30 Beliefs around worthiness
20:35 Be aware of your Childhood Dynamics
24:25 Bring the attention back to you
25:42 Letting Go of the meaning
26:50 How to let go of substances
29:11 Why we use substances to change our state
30:50 Our natural state is to feel high without any substances
31:37 Bring the awareness inside your own body

In this episode, I’m going to be sharing with you different questions that people have from Instagram on how to let go of miscellaneous little things. Whether it’s caring what people think of me, past relationships, Cheetos, someone wrote, random as trinkets that inherently suck but I think I’ll need one single for one single task later.

Some of these are funny, but some of these I’m going to be sharing with you pretty much just how to let go of all these different things and why letting go really is the key to manifestation in general, not just manifestation, but like happiness and feeling good. And remember this one idea, your vibration is naturally high, naturally, that’s who you are is feeling love, joy, peace as your natural set point.

The only reason we don’t feel that as our natural state of being is because we are attached to different perspectives, to different beliefs, to different labels, different people that keep us in the lower vibrational states of consciousness. And remember the higher your vibration is, the easier things happen in your life, the more flow happens, the more synchronicity happens, and my life has gotten extraordinarily easy over the last two or three years from applying what I’m going to share with you in this video.

And you’ll also notice that after you watch this video, listen to this podcast, you are going to feel and know certainly that letting go is easy, much easier than you’ve been thinking it is. Now, remember our beliefs create our reality. If we believe that letting go is hard, that’s what makes letting go hard If we believe that if we let go we’re then going to block, or if we believe we’re going to let go, like letting go of what we want, letting go of desire means that we’re like letting go of the vision, then we’re not going to let go.

If we believe that letting go is going into the unknown and the unknown equal scary, it’s harder to let go. So these are little meanings, things we’re going to become aware of in this episode that are going to improve your relationships, your dating life, or your relationships that you already have.

It’s going to help you magnetize and help you be in a state of consciousness to where abundance flows to you very easily. Because when you let go of these things, that’s what naturally happens. Now one interesting thing I wanted to share was last night I had a dream and you know, I every morning I wake up, I remember my dreams for the first like 10, 15 seconds, and then right after that, I lose, like I don’t remember my dreams normally.

I have a meditation, like a spot in my closet that I go to, and there’s this journal that I write all my dreams that I can remember by the time I get to my meditation thing and I write down my dreams. And I believe our dreams are in a way like symbolic representations of what we’re experiencing in life or certain patterns that we’re working through. But I have this one reoccurring dream that I have every, I have it probably once every month or every three weeks.

And it’s this one dream where like last night, okay, I was dreaming, I was in some form of Barneys New York, where I used to work selling women’s shoes. And I’m in this, I’m like there, It’s not really there, but I know that that’s the representation of it. Some of my dreams become a little bit more abstract and I’m working there and there’s this, the manager there, was like this narcissistic dude, this pattern with narcissism that I’ve been shedding this like three, four years ago, when I had that nine to five job, but there was this narcissistic dude that was the manager and he was very controlling, very manipulative and just had negative energy.

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