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00:00 Intro
01:23 Your Identity is flexible
02:50 Align to your passion
04:08 The zone of genius and upperlimit problem
05:28 Common limiting beliefs
06:55 Limiting belief: Leaving people behind
08:20 Limiting belief: We are a burden to the world
09:19 Limiting belief: Afraid of shining our light
11:17 Identify your zone of genius
14:49 How to enjoy the process?
15:40 Do what you love to do often
16:52 Less is more
18:04 Do one thing at a time
21:15 Aign yourself to the moment

By the end of this video, you will know how to shift into permanent alignment with your ideal reality so that also, things happen easier than ever for you. And also you feel like you’re more in flow. You feel better along the process of what you’re going through and just in life in general. And I looked at my own life and I can see that back in 2017 when I wasn’t living my ideal reality, I was starting to, towards the middle of 2017, I can see a definite shift in my own energy.

I can see a shift in my own mindset, a shift in my own level of accountability with myself. And I did permanently shift back in 2017. If I look back at my life, actually, I shifted in two main times. In 2012, I went through my spiritual awakening where I learned meditation. It completely shifted my life into more alignment, but still, probably a little bit of misalignment in there because I was obviously working a job I wasn’t passionate about.

I didn’t feel very empowered at that time. But then in 2017, when I made the choice to go full-time on YouTube by committing to daily videos, which is something I knew I was more passionate about, than that, of, you know, working that nine to five job. That was also a time that I permanently shifted into a new energy, into a new version of me.

So when I’m talking about a permanent shift in vibration realize first off, it is possible. You know, a lot of times we believe that it’s not practical or it’s too, you know, we’re just positive thinking.This isn’t about positive thinking. This is about shifting your sense of reality and aligning more to a version of you that is more worthy. A version of you that has more empowerment, a version of you that is more embodying the ideal version of you.

So those are probably the biggest two shifts in my life. From 2012 to 2017, my life shifted
because I learned meditation in 2012. In 2017, I’d committed to the version of me making YouTube videos that you see before you here today.

After what has it been now? Three or four years of making videos. So a lot happens in a
short period of time. Now, something I’ve been realizing recently as well, just in general, when it comes to my own life. You know, I went to the boat yesterday. I’m in Austin now, so there’s like cool things to do here, more nature-y things.

And I went to, once a week or once every other week, me and some friends we’ll go on a boat. And rent a boat and we’ll go into the middle of the lake and we’ll just chill. We’ll chill, we’ll talk about business, we’ll talk about life. We’ll just enjoy kind of de-plug from the reactive state that we’re all in. And I was with some friends yesterday that we all have online businesses.

And what we noticed is that, we were all talking, the things that are doing best for us right now are that of things that we’re actually passionate about. So what we mean by this is, you know, having like this online business, I could do, you know, I could do some big online webinar marketing course, and I could do that and make a lot of money with that.

But I’m not passionate about that. I could do a coaching program where like people pay, youknow, a thousand or $2,000 and I coach for eight weeks straight with people, and it’s like group coaching. I could do that and make a lot of money. I’m not passionate about it, so I don’t do it.

But I do know people that do that and they do very well with it because that’s what they’re passionate about. You know, my buddy, Victor, who’s also like a business partner of mine in Full-Time Purpose. The reason that works so well is he is able to do all the coaching, because he loves coaching.

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