Specific Person: The Law of Attraction: Self Concept and Manifesting a New You

Manifesting a new You! Self Concept and How to Change it by Setting Standards. How does the way that we see ourself effect the version of reality that we see? You can change that reality by changing the way that you see yourself.

I am a law of attraction and life coach from the UK and have been making things happen with LOA for almost five years. Correction, I’ve been making things happen for about four years. The first year was a write off. I couldn’t find my way and became frustrated. Neville got me on track and it’s been mostly plain sailing since. I get my moments of course, but as long as we can recognise our blocks and get back on track then those moments don’t become as issue.
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Path to Prosperity: Nourish Your Mind, Body and Soul

So what are you feeding your Mind, Body and Soul? Do you give it a healthy dose of inspiration and motivation everyday? Discover how nourishing yourself with inspiration and motivation strengthens the Abundance in your life and your Path to Prosperity. Get ready for the supercharge to all of your heart’s desires.

Path to Prosperity: Treat Your Home Like It’s Your ‘Dream Home’

Practicing and living with a Prosperity Mindset starts at home. Step 1 of 7: Treat your home like your ‘Dream Home’. Here are some questions to ask yourself the next time you come through the door of your home: Is your home environment welcoming and inviting?

Path to Prosperity: 7 Steps To Create An Abundant Life Environment

Practicing and living with a Prosperity Mindset is having the experience of Extraordinary Wellness, Wealth, Relationships, Satisfaction and Happiness in life no matter what it looks like or doesn’t look like. Changing or resetting what you are focusing on from not having what you want to having exactly what you want can seem overwhelming and somewhat impossible at first. Consider that your Prosperity Mindset muscle may be weak right now and all there is to do is exercise it regularly.

Is There A Secret to Success?

I hear people telling me all the time that they want to succeed, and they go out and search for the secret. They think that if they learn the secret they can become successful. I really hate to tell you this but NO there are no secrets to success!

How Subliminal Technology Can Help You Tap Into The Law of Attraction

Sometimes people can struggle to tap into the right side of the Law of Attraction. When I say “The right side” I am referring to the law of attraction being used to bring you the things, experiences and manifestations that you DO WANT as opposed to the things you DO NOT WANT. A stumbling block for many people who have this problem, is that they are carrying negative and limiting beliefs within their subconscious mind that are holding them back from consciously creating the life that they desire.

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