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Living With an Abundance Attitude

An abundance attitude is not something you own, it is an attitude that you live with. It is an attitude.

Continue Dreaming the American Dream – Don’t Downsize It

Personally, I don’t need to watch TV to hear bad news. I hear enough at the grocery store where everyone is talking about all of today’s gloom and doom. It’s everywhere. It’s too much to dream the American dream.

An Easy Manifestation Secret

There is a well proven but unfortunately much ignored secret that master manifestors use all the time. It is a very simple basic factor that sets into movement all that exists in this human experience. All of us know that it is real and utterly essential.

Transcendental Meditation Can Make You Money

We’ve already told you that meditating every day will help to increase your winnings, but we haven’t really gotten into the specifics of how. Also, we realize that for many people, meditating can be seen as a chore with no real end purpose, or even worse, spiritual garbage.

Change, Whole Change and Nothing But the Change

You want to get rich? You want to be happier? A change is the key point of everything! Change everything that bothers you!

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