STOP giving a Sh#t and be Like a Tree

Once you stop caring what other people think, you naturally become more magnetic, grounded and aligned.

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This tree right here that you can see, this tree does not give a shit what you think about it. It’s grounded and it’s just chilling, and even if it were a tree that bared fruit, it would not be concerned about what you did with the fruit, whether you enjoyed the fruit, the tree would not be concerned whether the fruit that came off of it, you got the fruit and you threw it at someone else. The tree just doesn’t care. Now, the thing to remember about this is the tree’s just being a fricking tree. That’s it. The tree is just being itself. Now, a lot of times what happens is we get so much in our head, and what we do is we start getting concerned about what other people think about the fruit that we are bearing. We start really caring about what people do with what we provide in the world, and every single one of us has and is, in a way, has the potential just to be a tree, but what happens is, as we start becoming identified with the fruits that come from the tree, now, of course, there’s no fruit on this tree, but the idea behind this is being aware of our own energy and having the energy of not putting too much importance on any one thing or caring or giving emphasis to what people do with the fruit, what people think about the fruit, and it’s just a powerful analogy for also understanding your purpose, and having roots, and really being grounded in who you are.

So this last year, for me, it has been an extraordinarily powerful time for me becoming more grounded within myself. Prior, I used to really care what other people thought about me. Subconsciously, I think I was making a lot of videos on YouTube because I wanted to give value to other people, because I thought the more value I can give to other people, the more that they would then accept me or give me validation, and because of that, what happened is I became, in a way, addicted to making videos, I was making videos every single day on YouTube for years, and what happened is I then started to associate my identity with making the videos and giving the value, so that I could get something in exchange. I was focused on the fruit and giving as much fruit as possible, so that then I could feel worthy. The tree, though, doesn’t have to give the fruit to feel worthy. The tree’s just being a tree. The thing that I want to steer your attention on is how grounded are you in being yourself, and is there a shadow aspect of yourself that you find yourself gearing yourself towards? I know for me, one thing that I’ve been doing is really focus on being grounded and being in my own body.

This has changed my life more than anything else, and I know it sounds so simple, but lately, I’ve also been talking about being in your own frame, your own frame of reality. Based on you being in your own frame, people are responding to you. This is the thing that happens. People respond to how you feel about you, and when you are in your own frame and you are unapologetically being yourself, people are gravitated to that, even if they don’t necessarily agree with it. But what happened to me in my past with my childhood is I went through different experiences where I didn’t feel worthy, and I thought that I had to be, and honestly, I felt safe in someone else’s frame. This is going to sound crazy… Not crazy, but I remember that when my dad divorced my ex-stepmom, my ex-stepmom was a narcissist, abusive, my brother and I had zero freedom at all, 15 years old comes around, we have all this… It’s a whole new world. We have freedom. We’re able to have friends, but here was something that happened. I remember there was a sense of safety that I got from being in someone else’s frame, from being in my ex-stepmom’s frame, there’s a sense of certainty that came with that, and I remember, all of a sudden, I’m allowed to watch TV, I’m allowed to have friends, I’m allowed to do school activities without getting it taken away, I’m allowed to eat the food that I want, all this freedom. There was an anxiety that came from that. That anxiety was a sense of safety that I got from being controlled, so in a way, what happened is I kept attracting patterns to myself where that energy dynamic would play over, over and over and over again, because I wasn’t aware of that safety that I felt with that.

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