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Low vibration equals resistance. If you’re feeling in low vibration, if you’re feelin’ a lot of negative energy right now, realize this, there is something that you’re attached to that is causing you to feel weighted down. And in this video, I’m gonna show you how to get outta bein’ stuck in low vibe, and exactly how to really let go in a way easier than ever. Now, the thing I wanted to share with you as well, have you ever seen the part in “Harry Potter” where Ron and Harry, in the very first movie, they are going through what is called the Devil’s Snare, there’s this bed of little viney things that they fall on top of, and what happens is Hermoine, bein’ all smart and stuff knows that if you just surrender, these little vines stop tryin’ to strangle you, and they stop tryin’ to pretty much strangle you to death. And then what happens is you just naturally fall through so that they can get to the Chamber of Secrets.

So, in a very similar way, the more you fight, the more you claw, when you’re feeling in low vibration, the more that these vines will strangle you. But if you were to just surrender, and stop feeding it, stop fighting it, you would just fall right through, and then end at the Chamber of Secrets. The Chamber of Secrets is high vibration, that’s how we can think of it. So, when it comes to low vibe, realize that surrendering is the best thing you can do. And one of the things that I’ve realized any time I’m in low vibe is what I do is I ask myself, one, “What am I trying to control?” If there’s something that I’m trying to control the outcome of, then that causes resistance. Resistance also comes from the identification with the ego. I wanna show you guys this technique, I’m in my, this is my room right here, so in my bedroom, this is, I get up every day, oh, I’ve got this little, I know it looks kinda like some kinky thing, it’s this little copper pyramid thing, and it’s supposed to help with EMFs, energy, stuff like that. I know it looks pretty esoteric, but I found it to be pretty cool.

I wanna show you a little technique though. So this is my little meditation spot right here, I get up every morning, this is my closet over here, and what I do is I stare at a candle flame. Now, imagine this. Imagine that when you’re staring at a candle flame, you’re able to observe your thoughts. Now what happens is, normally when we’re feelin’ like we’re in low vibration, what happens, whoa, what happens is when we feel we’re in low vibration, we are identifying with our thoughts, we are literally thinking that our thoughts are us. Think about it, if we say, “I am guilty, “I am in low vibe,” anything you place after I am, you are identifying with. But if you realize you’re just feeling in low vibration, and that feelings change, you then start to detach yourself from the thoughts of being in low vibe.

Adventures by A Himitsu
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