take your 2021 goals OFF a pedestal by doing this one thing

2021 is the year of embodiment. Now is the time for everything that you’ve learned in 2020 to be applied and manifested.

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Whenever you want something, you’re energetically implying that you lack it. Wanting means that currently in your life, something is missing and something on the external can change that. The energy of “want” leads to desperation and can make it seem like your goals, or that which you “want” is out of reach. The key is to realize that nothing external matters and you are already 100% worthy, whole and complete.

When you do this, you’re also taking your goals off a pedestal and seeing them as natural for you to have in your life. When you reframe your goals like that, you’ll start to see how much easier it is to manifest them. Instead of wanting, start BEING. Realize that your alignment to your authentic self is what creates magnetic energy to manifest easily.

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Wealth Strategies – Secrets to Financial Freedom

Do you want to live the life you dream about? Do you want to learn the tools and strategies that will take you down the path to financial freedom? The global and local economy may be slowing but it is the perfect opportunity to become educated and plan for the inevitable return to prosperity.

Finally a Well Deserved Trip

The question refers to the purpose of the matter of life. What is my purpose? What is the purpose of the trip, of the life? If I am not alive, then I am alive and then not alive again, why not just stay home?

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What does it take to have financial freedom? An interesting question, I guess if you asked 100 people, you’d probably get 100 different answers. One man’s idea of financial freedom wouldn’t necessarily satisfy another’s, so we all have our own definition of would make us financially free

The Front Door Money Modality

This is a very easy modality to implement. It’s a one time modality if you want it to be- you do it and forget about it. You can do it again every Spring, every equinox, or, every full moon, if you want to.

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