The #1 Secret to Attracting Love and the #1 reason You are BLOCKING it

The reason you aren’t attracting love is because you are blocking it from finding you. Watch the love attraction dynamics Q&A with Mat Shaffer here: ➡

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If you’re trying to attract love into your life but constantly feel like you’re not getting anywhere, it’s probably because you’re not aware of how you’re actually blocking it from appearing in your life and finding you. Attracting love has a lot to do with inner child healing, love attachment styles and beliefs that we form which all then appear in our life in the form of people we attract and experiences we manifest.

There is a secret behind attracting love that you MUST know if you find yourself confused and lost in the process. And there’s also a reason behind why you might be subconsciously BLOCKING love. Once you become aware of these blocks and heal them, you are able to attract the love that is aligned with your authentic self.

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At Last You Can Discover Why You May Be Having Bad Luck

You CAN attract good things to find you. You CAN attract situations and people in your life that will bring you the wealth that you desire.

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With the financial markets in a state of unpredictability, and with the credit markets extraordinarily tight, many luxury services are cutting back and some of these businesses are shutting down altogether. This is certainly true for the interior design business. But Tish Mills of Harmonious Living, a nationally recognized interior design firm, is not cutting back.

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It is now that seems to be difficult. It is now that seems to be messy. It used to be before that people thought times were difficult, but now it’s now. People are scrambling to find a safe haven. They are gathering their goods and loved ones and holding on. They are fearful of a future that is not here but pretends to be here and is forecast to be coming. People are hopeful that their world as they have known it will not end. They need hope. They need direction. They need help. No one who is in charge is really in charge, but they are looking for someone to be in charge who will fix it. Sometimes it cannot be fixed. It can only be lived through. And the best way to live through anything is — happily.

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The “new” mindset of abundance thinking, proclaimed by dozens of popular motivational speakers, isn’t new at all. Abundance as it applies to the business world, and specifically to sales, has been around for centuries. The small mom-and-pop businesses based sales on knowing their customers and pointing out product and service benefits.

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