The Degree to which you LET GO is how much you will RECEIVE

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The degree to which we can let go is the degree to which we will receive. Now, imagine that these pillows right here, Imagine that I’m attached to these pillows. Imagine there’s like a string or an anchor that’s connecting these pillows to me, and imagine that I’m attached to all of these pillows and the thing is, the universe, reality, whatever we call it, may want to give us new pillows or milk more pillows. But if we’re attached to the old pillows, we don’t have space or room for it, or aren’t able to carry it. Now, imagine these pillows are pillows imaginary heavy rocks. And imagine that we have these heavy rocks weighing us down. Now the key is if we want to receive more, we have to let go, not try to control, and we have to allow things in our lives in a new way and when we do, our vibration will raise, we will feel better. And we’ll find that we didn’t receive in a completely new and an empowering way.

All right guys, welcome back to another video. My name is Aaron and I help people expand their consciousness. Now in this video, I wanna share with you more about how you can really let go so that you can really allow in. And this has to do with stuff that I’ve learned from the last four years, five years of using manifestation or putting and infusing my intention into my reality, following that up with action. And one of the first things I think I had to let go of, to be honest, is I had to let go of a belief that it’s all about thinking. Some of you may not like to hear this but when you talk about like you know, thinking better thoughts and we talk about the thinking realm. Thinking is powerful, but in our physical reality, when I let go of just waiting for things to happen, and waiting for things to come to me and I started being the version of me that I preferred to be.

I was in the vibrational reality of the full-time YouTuber, Aaron and I was being that version of me. That’s when my outer reality changed. So prior, I had this mentality that I’m gonna sit on the couch and I was working a nine to five job I hated. And I was just gonna think of what I wanted. And I was attached to that perspective because it felt better to me than the hardness of taking action. But the thing is, is once I realized I was doing what I love, it was easy for me to take action. So the first thing I wanna share with you is that one thing you’re gonna have to let go of is limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck, limiting beliefs that are keeping you comfortable. It might be comfortable to have all these pillows and to be laying with all these pillows. These pillows could be old belief systems that are keeping you safe. This pillow right here could say,

“Just think better thoughts, bro. Just think better thoughts.” This pillow over here could say, “Don’t take so much action, action isn’t necessary.” And these things are keeping you safe. They’re keeping you where you are. It’s like bypassing in a way. And while thinking and having our thoughts aligned to our reality is important. Action is also something that I found to be
extraordinarily powerful. And it’s about really understanding that there’s gonna be things that you let go of. Now, imagine this. If I were to go over to my closet right now, I’ll actually do that. If you want to receive more and in a way, make room for things in your life, imagine that you have this full closet. Imagine, I’m in my room right now. Oh, by the way, I just got this a copper pyramid and it has been profound for my dreams. It looks funny I know. And okay, so imagine I’m in my closet right now, which I am. Now, imagine my closet is completely full of clothes and imagine there’s no spaces there. There are some spaces so you got to have to use your imagination. But imagine that if you want to receive more, you have to be willing to let go of some of the older clothes that you’re not even wearing anymore.

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