The Dopamine and Manifestation Problem (and how to fix it)

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00:00 Intro
02:23 What is Dopamine
03:51 We are all addicted to Dopamine
08:16 Being aware of your addictions
10:14 Addiction to MORE
11:37 What Dopamine REALLY is
12:53 How Dopamine works
13:31 Using Dopamine to MANIFEST
15:12 How are you using Dopamine?
16:38 Thin line between addiction, obsession & alignment
17:30 Don’t let Dopamine use you
23:00 The Molecule of More has a purpose
28:33 The price of “being the best” at something
34:59 Where are you investing your energy?
37:41 The molecules of Here and Now
39:47 Why do you do what you do?
41:58 Find your “middle way”
45:14 Search for your passion

In this episode, I’m gonna be showing you one of the most powerful realizations I’ve had as of the last month, this connection that I’ve made between understanding more about dopamine, how our pain and pleasure mechanism works in our body, and how you can totally hack this in your favor in a completely new way that helps you not only to achieve your goals faster, but in a more meaningful way, understanding from which where that energy comes.

So this is something that I think will plant a seed that may completely transform your life.
And in this video, I’m gonna kind of talk you through my current epiphanies in a way as well, because I’m learning this as we go.

I’m reading books, I’ve had my own inspiration for my own life experience, and I’m making connections in my mind that everything makes more sense now. And I’m excited to share that with you in this episode.

One thing I wanna do with these videos is more so have a conversation with you as if I’m talking to you, because these realizations that I’m sharing with you right now are realizations that I just shared with my buddy Victor when I went to like, we went to get IVs the other day,
where we get these like health IVs, and I was excited to express this to him.

But what I noticed is sometimes when I’m doing these episodes, I have kind of like this
voice I put on where I’m like, welcome back to another video, my name is Aaron. Have you guys ever seen those videos where it’s like, I saw one the other day where it’s like an anchor woman is narrating her husband’s life in her anchor voice.

And he gets super annoyed by it, but it was like this funny little video, but there’s like, there’s some people that I noticed on social media, they’re very good at just talking on camera as if they’re talking to a friend.

And I wanna talk to all of you like a friend, not like I’m like, yo, my name’s Aaron Doughty. And I’m making another episode today on dopamine and how it affects your body. Like, I don’t know, maybe that is like a cool vibe because some people can feel that energy or something, but sometimes I just wanna have a freaking conversation, okay?

And in this episode, the theme of this, I read a quote last night, let me read this quote to you, just to kind of get you hooked into this episode so you see where we’re going with this. Now, dopamine is a neurotransmitter in the body and it is something that is, they say, it’s normally the reward hormone.

It’s the reward hormone. And when you feel dopamine, it’s like, I used to take Adderall back in the day. Adderall is the prescription drug. It’s pretty much legal meth. And I was prescribed it because I had ADHD.

And when I’d take that thing, I would be so focused and I would feel so good while taking it too. I’d feel so focused. I’d be really into whatever I was doing, even if it was something kind of boring. And which is interesting too, because from what I hear from people that do meth, they will be in their car and like doing some, I’ve seen, what’s this on, some video or something like that on like cops or where they do some type of sting operation where someone breaks into a car.

And there’s this guy that was playing of the center console for like 10 minutes, just like super into like moving and figuring out the center console in this car. And it was really bizarre, but I can kind of relate because when I took a methamphetamine, which is legal prescribed, which is Adderall or Ritalin or whatever, I took Adderall, which is what I was prescribed back in 2012, before my spiritual awakening, I’d be super focused on whatever I was doing.

But what would happen is I’d be super focused. And then what would happen is at the end of the day, it would wear off and I would crash. And that’s what happens with a lot of these dopamine spikes that we have.

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