The Great Awakening Timeline Split of 2021 (what to do)

Very soon, we will be experiencing a transformative timeline split.. The Great Awakening is among us and this is everything you need to know about what to expect and why.

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Many of you might have been hearing about the Great Awakening more recently and now more than ever, where we focus our energy is the most important thing to become aware of. You see, the planet is going through an extremely transformative period right now- where all the shadows of the world are coming to light to be healed. As a collective, what is most important is to focus our attention on what we want to attract and move away from fear-based beliefs.

The ascension of our consciousness depends on how and where we focus our attention. The timeline split that will happen will be for a 3D timeline or a 5D timeline. Based on where you focus your energy, awareness and consciousness is the timeline that you align most with. The 3D timeline operates from fear, control, old systems and manipulation. The 5D timeline, on the other hand, is a higher state of being that embodies unconditional love, freedom and higher vibrational people/ habits.

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