The Law of Subtraction SH#TS on the Law of Attraction (just LET GO)

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I found something that is more powerful than the law of attraction. And this explains why a lot of the law of attraction may not work for people. People may have intentions, they may set affirmations, they may be doing things that reprogram their mind. But if they don’t experience the results, many times this is the key. Now, when it comes to this think of the process is more powerful. It’s snowing right now in Sedona, by the way, it was like, okay, I’m gonna film the video outside, rather than inside, it’s nice being here. There’s seasons in Sedona there’s no seasons in Vegas, it doesn’t snow like this in Vegas. It did one time when I was younger, but um, a couple times, but that’s it. The law of subtraction, the law of subtraction is that the degree to which you can let go is the degree to which you will receive. Now the challenge with a lot of people having in wanting to attract what they want is they think of what they want, they think of what they want. And the challenge is that they haven’t let go of something to then allow that thing in.

Imagine this, imagine that you want new energetically imagine that you want new clothes, I’m gonna go over to my closet right now, imagine you want new clothes, and imagine that your closet is so stuffed full, that you don’t even have space for new clothes. So what happens is we’re saying to ourselves, this is my closet right here. So let’s say that it’s completely full of stuff, like it’s not good to imagine. But imagine that it’s just stuffed up stuff everywhere, it looks like this everywhere you go. And there’s literally no room for anything new. Well, in a way, energetically, I don’t even have the space for it. So what happens is I’m blocking those things are coming into my life, because I’m not willing to let go of certain things that are here. So when you think of this, the law of subtraction is that when you let go, and especially like have clothes that no longer serve you that you’re never gonna wear again, then what you do is you allow space to come in to create something new.

So think of it like this as well. If you want to create for yourself and go full time doing what you love. When I used to work that nine to five job selling woman shoes, it was challenging for me to let go of that because of the safety I got from making from selling shoe for selling shoes for so many years. I made 50 60k a year, I was happy with that. But at the same I wasn’t really happy with that. I knew I was meant for more. And I was comfortable though. I was it was I knew what was coming in every month. And I felt safe with that because I like to make, you know, at least that amount. So the challenge though, is that I saw myself as a nine to five job goer, I was bought into that.

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