The Let Go of Control and Expectation Video that changed your life

Letting go of control is one of the key ways to releasing tension and resistance to a goal. If you have a certain goal or desired outcome, it’s most important to let go of control and release expectations.

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If you have the overly obsessive need to always control every little thing that happens- you might qualify to be called a control freak. You see, you might think that being extremely controlling over every little thing in your life is a good thing because it gives you predictability of the outcome. However, having this type of belief actually prevents you from stepping into the unknown where the magic happens.

Knowing everything is a comfortable feeling but also stems from a belief that not knowing everything is “scary”. Letting go of control and expectation allows for you to make room for the universe’s divine guidance and live life more in flow and ease. If you have a problem letting go of control and expectation, these are some of the secrets that will absolutely transform your life.

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God’s Wealth in Recession – Principles of Stewardship

God is the owner of all things He created…including His wealth. We are stewards and not owners though in possession of the assets. This is like a bank holding assets that belong to depositors. God is the depositor who can withdraw as He wills. This has implications in times of Recession.

Prayers For Finding a Job in Recession

What must we do as Christians to walk in biblical wisdom as we look for jobs and opportunities that God has opened unto us? What did God say about His provisions on livelihood?

Choosing a Prosperous Life Style

You can choose your own life style. Life is the way you make it. You can make it prosperous or you can make it by struggling. You have to go out and get what you want out of life. No one is going to hand it to you on a silver platter. Sometimes we never get any where in life because we do not like to get out of our comfort zone. Choosing a prosperous life style is not always comfortable.

Is the Recession Over? How to Ignore ‘Good News’ and Stay Focused

I am breaking one of my rules – I hold a pretty low regard for the press’s sensationalising of news. Today, however, I am looking at the media and the influence they play.

Selfless Service and the Attraction of Wealth

Going the extra mile establishes a business on a strong spiritual foundation. It gives meaning to life by filling the void that we experience as a natural outgrowth of being self-centered.

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