The Magic of Letting Go to Let In (Law of Subtraction)

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00:00 Intro
01:11 The Magical Law Of Subtraction
02:36 Subtract to then attract
04:43 Become aware of your labels/beliefs
07:08 You must make room for the new
09:55 Less is more
10:40 Letting go is just a choice
11:45 Become aware of the payoffs

The degree to which you let go is the degree to which you will then let in and have the ability to receive.

So this is understanding what is called the law of subtraction. Many people have heard of the law of attraction and the law of subtraction I would argue is even more powerful than the law of attraction. Also, it’s the missing key for so many people, ’cause a lot of people are focused on what they wanna bring in, what they wanna bring in, what they wanna attract, what they want to visualize but they haven’t actually made space for it.

And what the law of subtraction allows us to do is to understand that less equals more. The more you let go, the more you let in and in this video, I’m gonna explain the law of subtraction to you, show you why it’s more powerful than the law of attraction. I’m gonna show you how to practically use it in your life and how this is the missing key to you really creating more abundance in your life than ever before.

Now on this video, I’m gonna be sharing with you the magical law of subtraction. This is something that I have learned and I have been practicing in my life since 2012, when I learned about it. How did I learn about it? A lot of it’s been through personal life experience. Recently, I went through all 2,000 YouTube videos that I have and I looked for the one thread, the thing that has changed my life more than anything else.

And really what it was, is the ability to let go, the ability to let go of these things. Now, Buddha himself said that “Desire and attachment is the root of all suffering.” So think about that. Desire and attachment is the root of all suffering. When we are attached to a person, when we are attached to an idea, to a thing, to the past version of us, when we are attached, that’s what creates suffering.

And one of the reasons being is because of the universe, things in our life are always flexible and changing and if we remain attached, we create resistance and think about it too, anytime you’ve really, really wanted something, you’ve probably felt a lack or a yearning and then that creates the feeling of lack.

So really, this is stepping out of lack and scarcity and stepping into abundance. Because abundance isn’t attached, because it knows that there’s more. Abundance is not wanting and desiring, abundance just is and that’s what the law of subtraction allows us to do.

So the idea behind this is that you must first subtract to then attract. And this means looking at what are your current attachments? What are you currently attached to? The bridge from me living in my old reality, to me letting in a completely new reality of abundance, of new opportunities of like a 2.0 version of me, was I had to let go of the old self.

I had to let go of the old attachments. And many of you know this story, just because I shared it many times on YouTube. I made 2,000 YouTube videos on like versions of it but the bridge for me working my nine to five job back in 2017 to me living the life I do now is I had to let go of the version of Aaron that was the nine to five job goer, that just got paid a paycheck based on 40 hours a week. I had to let go of my perspectives as viewing myself as that.

There were a lot of blocks that I experienced in wiring in and letting in the new version of me because I thought to myself, who am I to make YouTube videos? You know, I went daily on February, 2017 and that’s what created a lot of momentum and I felt like a lot of blocks, self-worthiness blocks, really caring what other people think blocks.

I had to let go of caring what other people think. I had to let go of the nine to five job mentality, which is, you know, I just show up and get paid an hourly. I had to start valuing
my own time differently. And I had to let go of the pain of my past.

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