The Magnetic Frame (the key to polarity and boundaries that will change your life)

I used to think that polarizing and being authentic created tension which was bad. What I realized actually was that being comfortable in my own frame made me more magnetic and I discovered the secret to owning my own power.

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We often think that reality is fixed, unchangeable and “how things are supposed to be”. Living from this state of mind often prevents people from seeing how powerful we truly are. You see, reality is a manifestation of our energy and belief about it. Our perception and beliefs literally controls the experiences we manifest and way of being. One of the things that having a strong magnetic frame within yourself does, is it makes you more present and aware of your thoughts and state of being- without the opinion or interference of anyone else’s.

Being in your own magnetic frame has a lot to do with taking your own power back. If you’ve ever been a nice guy or people pleaser, being in your own frame helps to take your power back and own your authenticity. When you’re in your own frame, you’re asserting a way of being and energetically setting boundaries. Being in your own frame is one of the most life changing things you can do because it redefines an entirely new and more aligned way of being.

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Appreciate Life Outside of Money

When life revolves around money it can be quite disheartening, especially if you don’t have much money and are in a poor financial situation. Money worries have the ability to really drag you down and can leave people depressed and even on the brink of suicide. Whilst no one can eliminate your poor financial situation over night you can learn to appreciate life outside of money, and through this you can start to redress the balance of your thoughts when you start to worry about money.

Beat Stress and Manifest ALL Your Desires With One Magical Breath

One simple technique that will give you incredible and immediate power over your life. Nothing to buy.

Putting the 80-20 Rule to Work

In Business, this rule stated two apparent things: 80% of your business will come from 20% of your customers AND, 80% of your problems will come from 20% of your customers. The interesting part about this is that it’s not the same 20%! There is a correlation between the two, but it’s not what you might expect.

Visualization & Imagination – Can You See Yourself Doing It?

There is an old expression, ” a man is worth two dollars a day from the neck down. How much he is worth from the neck up depends on what he can SEE.” Scripture states, I am paraphrasing, without vision the people perish.

Generosity and Gratitude – Keys to Abundance and Prosperity During Challenging Times

Financial markets have been in more unheaval than most of us have every experienced. This economic volatility has created stress for many people. Expressing gratitude and practicing generosity can reduce the feeling of anxiety you may be feeling during these challenging economic times. Spend positive energy turning this chaotic time into one of meaning and opportunity for you and your family.

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