The NO B.S Guide for Empaths to Set Boundaries and say NO without feeling guilty (life-changing)

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00:00 Intro
01:59 What you need to hear to take your power back
03:40 What is an Empath?
06:48 The key to understanding Empaths
08:45 The lessons of being an Empath
13:37 Feeling safe in your own frame
15:47 Powerful mantra for Empaths.
18:16 Stop abandoning yourself

There’s a lot that an empath can learn from the symbol of a skunk. I remember back just about a year ago, I lived in Sedona, Arizona, and I had some friends there.

At their house, what they did is they had two dogs that were chasing a skunk. And what happened is I’m on my way back home and they give me a call and they say hey, can you bring over some dog shampoo from Petco that like removes the skunk repellent or removes the skunk smell or whatever.

And I was like, yeah, sure, what happened? And they’re like, the dogs were barking at a skunk and it sprayed it with its fumes and now the dogs smell like crap.

Now, the reason that there’s something we can learn from skunks is because skunks are the ultimate masters of boundaries. If you cross the boundary of a skunk, it will spray you with its
fumes or with its stuff so that you go away.

And I remember seeing that and there was a symbol because I think in life, what happens is we have these things that happen in our lives and that we perceive of, and there’s like symbols that we get back from that. And that for me was like me becoming aware of my own sense of boundaries.

Am I lacking boundaries? Am I allowing myself to say no? And there’s something that we can learn from that. Now in this video, I believe that you will learn the key and the main things that are gonna help you to completely transform your own energy so that you’re no longer having difficulty saying no to things that you normally don’t want to do, but you say yes to because you feel guilty or you feel obligated.

You’re gonna learn how to say no, how to set boundaries without feeling guilty and how to really transform this empath that you think is maybe a curse or maybe there’s negative side effects of it and how to make it like completely embodied in your own power, in your own frame. And this is things that took me like two or three years to learn, and it changes everything.

And you’re gonna exponentialize and shorten that timeframe by simply watching this video. Now, first thing we need to do is this is the no bullshit guide for an empath.

Some of the things I’m gonna say in this video, by the way, as an empath, you might not like, because it may be true or it may seem a little bit harsh, but it’s what you need to hear to really take your power back and wake up.

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