the ONLY 5 Laws of Creation (live by these and WATCH what happens)

my life recently shifted when I learned these 5 laws of creation. It explains manifestation, letting go and how to feel worthy in a simple and practical way. watch this video and notice how much your life begins to change as a result! Find out your vibration and receive a personalized meditation that will help you raise your level of consciousness: ➡️

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00:00 Intro
01:21 Plant Medicine Ceremony
03:50 Where do these Laws come from
04:54 The first law – You Exist. Period.
09:50 The second law – The all is in the one. And the one is in the all.
14:43 The third law – What you put out is what you get back.
17:09 The fourth law – You can only create in the now.
19: 08 The fifth law – Everything changes.

These are the five laws of creation. Not the five theories of creation, not the five kind of cool ideas, may work, may not work. These are the five laws of creation, that once you begin to apply in your life will completely transform your life.

And they’re the only five laws that you need. And everything other than these five laws is a belief. It’s a belief about who we are, it’s a belief, it’s this thing that will be reflected back to us, but those beliefs will change. Different than belief, these are laws. And behind this is some of the most profound insights, some of the most profound things that have transformed my life and so many other people.

And in this video, I wanna share with you what those five laws are, how to apply them in your life, and why a lot of the other things are just beliefs that are interchangeable, that you can let go of whenever you want.

These are all laws that I’ve been applying in my own life. I’ve known about them since about 2011 or 12 when I found this material. But recently actually this was brought back into my awareness in a way that was just so magical. I was in Costa Rica for the last week. We were doing something called plant medicine. I know to some people that probably sounds pretty esoteric, but plant medicine is something that, like ayahuasca or wachuma which is San Pedro.

I’m not saying everybody should do this, but this is something that some people may use as a tool, and to find out to kind of explore consciousness. And during what is called the wachuma ceremony, which is San Pedro, which is a cactus, which is this beautiful
medicine that I feel deeply connected to.

And it’s something that opens up the heart in a way. And in this state, there was what’s called a wachumaro. I don’t know if I’m saying that right, but somebody that, the person
that was facilitating it, that’s been working with the medicine for over 20 years in Peru,
and this person was the one sharing these ideas.

And it was an all day ceremony, we drank in the morning. It’s this powdery substance that doesn’t taste so good. What you do is what you get, he serves you. There were 20 something of us. We had some subscribers there. And it was an amazing, beautiful experience. One of the most profound experiences of my entire life to be honest with you. We were on this beautiful Maloca.

We were overlooking one of the most epic views you could possibly imagine. And on this we had an altar set up, and he had sacred geometry. There’s a certain design that he had. And, San Pedro is actually a very social thing. So what you do is you take this medicine in the morning, take this tablespoon and water, you drink it. There was two hours of noble silence. After that, there were these periods where we would get brought together.

And what would happen is we get brought together, and the person that was leading it who was this guy with great energy that’s been doing it for 20 years. He was facilitating and teaching us about these five laws of creation. And he was sharing each one, he would do little talk, he would explain it. And then we would break, we’d have free time to play, to talk to each other, to eat, do whatever.
And then every like hour or so, we’d come back together, and we would learn something new and then go back out and kind of explore that one idea. And there were five different times. Those were the different breaks we were taking. It was also a fire that
was transmuting energy. And it was the most profound experience of my life.
And I’ve already known about the five laws.

This is a funny thing, but there was a refreshing that I wanted to share with you guys with the five laws. Also because, these five laws come from somebody named Bashar. Many of you know I’m a big Bashar head. I’ve been studying Bashar’s material since 2012.

Bashar is kind of like an Abraham Hicks type thing, it’s gonna sound very esoteric to certain people, but what I encourage people to do is to see if the information resonates. Instead of looking at the source, look at the information, does it…

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