The REAL Law Of Attraction Part NOBODY TALKS About!

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In this video, I’m gonna share with you the real law of attraction, not the one that just sounds good, that feels good to think about, but actually step by step exactly what to do that in six to eight months from now, you’re able to look back to see that when you watch that one video, it clicks for you.

That’s what helped you that is six to eight months from now to really create the momentum of your dream life. Now first off, the way the law of attraction is normally played out is you must think about that what you want, you must intend for it, you must visualize it.

Sometimes people listen to hypnosis, they listen to different meditations and it’s this thing where a lot of the focus is on it, but the missing key is just a little bit deeper and it has to do with understanding the power that there is something we must let go of in order to for us to actually attract that which we want, and that which we want, we will never actually have if we remain in the energy of wanting.

So there’s two main parts here that I really wanna focus on ’cause it changes everything when we begin to apply it. Now, the first one is the letting go aspect. Now the challenge with wanting, like if we want a better relationship or we want the dream job, or to work for ourselves, when we want it, the thing to become aware of is that there’s a familiar energy dynamic that is in place.

Now in general, we tend to be attracted to situations that replay the same childhood dynamics that we grew up in. So if we grew up and we weren’t empowered, and we grew up, let’s say we were in, we’re used to certain type of relationships in our life where people are either gaslighters or there are people that are emotionally unavailable.

What happens is we fight energetically to recreate that in adulthood, whether we realize it or not. And that is because we are addicted to the familiar. Now when it comes to the law of attraction, we may think we want something, however, the wanting of it is just an intellectual theoretical idea.

It’s something that we feel really good when we think about, but there’s a familiar energy there that ties us to our past. So the thing to become aware of is what can I let go of to allow me to be in the unknown?

So for example, when I was intending to go full time on YouTube in February, 2017, I started making daily videos. Prior to making daily videos, I had to become aware that my belief system was I must have a nine to five job, that this feels safe for me to have a nine to five job for other people to tell me what to do, that having a somewhat predictable paycheck was something that felt safe because when I started doing YouTube, there was no predictableness of like the exact amount I’d make every month.

There was nobody telling me what to do, I had to tell myself what to do, but what I had to become aware of is becoming aware of those beliefs and becoming aware of what I had to let go of.

Now I call this the law of subtraction. So some people say, oh, I’m focused on the law of attraction, but there’s something you must subtract from your life to then attract that which you actually intend for.

Think of it like you have that of a closet, and in your closet, it’s completely full of clothes
and you want to attract new clothes, but it’s already full. There’s no room for it, even if you had it.

So what you can energetically do is actually let go of some of the old clothes that you haven’t worn in years, and then you have space to actually put the new clothes once you attracted it in. Well, when I had and started going full time on YouTube, I had to subtract and let go of the belief that I had in working a corporate job, the probably the addiction to corporate politics.

I hated it. I hated being told what days I could take off, what days I could take off. I hated that a lot of people had to suck up to get the schedule they wanted, but that felt familiar. Why did that feel so familiar?

Well, I could see also in childhood from seven to 15 years old, I had an ex stepmom telling me what to do all the time. And there were like ways of getting around if I wanted to go to band camp or something like that, or go to some school activity that would normally get taken away, I to navigate that in a certain way.

And it was a similar thing at that nine to five job. So when you look at your current life situation, you may be able to see that there’s certain attachments that are there, that are keeping you in where you are, that feel familiar.

And the key is become aware of those, and to observe that actually what you really want
maybe is to step into the unknown and to create something new. Because remember, all magic happens in the unknown, things that are new opportunities that come into your life
happen in the unknown.

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