the “think a better thought” bandaid

“just think a better thought” idea can be a bandaid to a deeper level belief or identity. In this video I’ll show you how to go DEEPER than thoughts to create a permanent shift in identity and reality.

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Maybe you’re having low vibe thoughts during the day about your current job. Maybe your finding yourself constantly getting into friction with the people around you, like your significant other or your family. Maybe you’re having fears and doubts come up while thinking about your future goals… All of this could be happening to you at any given time, but what really helps to overcome situations like this? You might think that thinking a better thought can fix that issue that you’re experiencing. And maybe, thinking a better thought can shift your mindset for that period in time, but it’s not a permanent fix to the real issues that you experience.

You see, thinking a better thought is just like putting a bandage over an injury: it only temporarily provides relief over the injury and soon enough, the bandaid wears off and the injury is still there. Take this analogy and think about it in your circumstance; thinking a good thought over a negative one that prevailed only temporarily distracts your mind- but once that initial negative emotion comes up again, it comes down to what I always say- when you feel it you heal it. Instead of just trying to use spiritual bypassing to force positivity in your circumstances, start to really go into the shadow of what you are feeling and why.

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