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Abundance – Reclaim Your Energy & Power

Purposeful change goes beyond achieving the goal of acquiring things and amassing wealth. This shift of change in scarcity thinking and language to thinking in terms of abundance is part of the journey to getting harmony back in your life.

Abundance – Three Actions to Implement Abundance Daily in Your Life

Our culture likes quick fixes and immediate change. However, change is not about infrequent events or something done a few times a year. Rather change occurs by tending to it every day.

Abundance – Receiving is an Act of Abundance

Receiving is an act of abundance. It is part of the reciprocal cycle that begins with giving and continues with asking. The cycle is brought full circle with receiving.

Attracting Abundance and Not Lack

Attracting abundance is not just about attracting money. It is also about manifesting love, joy and creativity. However, instead of activating the Law of Attraction properly, most of us tend to focus on lack or scarcity and puts ourselves always in the state of wanting, with the result of never attracting what we desire.

Fighting the Prosperity Myth

Prosperity is individualistic. Prosperity is self-defined. However, the one commonality is that we all want it. The path to grasping prosperity begins with a voracious appetite of self-mastery with an acceleration of positiveness. Remain focused, remain energized, and prosperity will surround you!

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